Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Old Photos Revisited: Meatloaf & Babes (Part 2)

Tribute to some of my greatest moments (not that there was much greatest moment to be cherish anyway...)- Dull life huh??
Photo: Me with my favorite "babe" Nasha Aziz and Faisal- The time working as Mickey's crew @ Disney on Ice tour- 2003

Photo: This is with another babe by the name of Claire in 2002, during one of the ball night. This babe I came to know in theatre production day where she was a main cast and me, was just a one few liner extra plus behind the curtain guy...Am I slapping myself uploading too many "beauty & the beast type of photos"?? Haha!! I just love me...

Photo: This year is I guess the proudest moment for my parent BUT not for me as it was tentamount to me walking away from freedom (people who knew me know how I live my varsity life). Yes the year is 2003 and it was a graduation day. And the babe beside me is the 6th member of pussycat dolls- as in literally "pussycat" doll:) Haha...OK, she is also one of my favourite babe, nevermind the pussycat story...

Photo: Last but not least, this photo is taken in La Bodega ( currently my favourite wednesday's evening place where the best jazz band is playing) in 2001. I think this outing was with two friend of my whom is now slave to P&G- OTC & YikHun

Monday, May 22, 2006

Old Photos Revisited: The Peter then...

22 May 2006
Song: Spirit of Radio- Rush

Well, friends, last weekend, I was just browsing through my old photos and I was thinking maybe I could scan them and upload it on my blog, and without much thinking, here some of my old photos- as you can see, the Peter with hair era:) & some, which belong to Peter just without the hair era and of coz, the botak era... To those who know me 1999 onwards- as the botak guy, baldie, "Costello" etc but those who know me prior to 1998- the bad hair day, the grunge jamming, hard rocking era, here's some photos- thanks for the good and bad time together. Have fun yo!!
Photo: 1997, working at Evergreen Hotel, Italian month buffet. (From L-R): Siva, me, Sufian, Jalil, Rez & Wan

Photo: Posing near the main dishes area

Photo: 1998, @ Penang dam, with Kok Wei- good ol' buddy.
Photo: The "Eat, sleep & shit Guns & Roses era"

Still got more photos. Later...(part 2)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Saturday, May 13, 2006

A tribute to bugger

Photo: Jerry Felix (Drummer, hidden) & The Falcons

Photo: Salvador & Me @ Pelita, Bangsar.

Photo: Ramli Sarip & Lefthanded rock the stage!!

Photo: Ramli Sarip, Me, Man Kidal & Yan

Opening Song:- Goodbye to romance- Ozzy Osborne

11.10 am, 12th Friday May 2006.

And so the story of life continues. Oh wait, let me do that again, and so, the story of this seemingly routine life continues, through the rush hour of everyday, chaotic of big city life, mad crowd of people, same old same old faces, surrounding you with nothing but the same old stuff of world updates. And I wonder where will my life go from here? When will my life take off again? I don’t know man…, while there’s nothing wrong with my life now, but somehow I feel my itchy feet and my cat level of curiosity is calling in within me to go explore, go somewhere out of ordinary. Perhaps it’s just me or the cat in me that playing the role of devil’s advocate to poison once again my school of thought that life is not about evolving in the same old geographical places your eyes see and your skin touches but like I told my recently gone off (to Germany) friend that “it’s whole new world out there” and that it seems so close and yet so far because we just couldn’t move because we are tight here on ground by worldly commitment. And yeah, that’s the whole irony of the whole thing. And it makes you just don’t wanna care anymore sometime.

Time travel faster than light yes you may say it’s only a saying- but it’s true. Sometime we do the things we do everyday that we don’t know that actually we had miss out quite lot of thing that if you take sometime off your heavy duty schedule to think and ponder, the thing that we miss out intentionally or unintentionally, is the thing that mean a lot to us.

As for me, my writing might seems melancholy or some will go to extra miles to pity me as depressive. Whatever it is I don’t care and couldn’t be bothered. I used to say and still subscribe to this school of though that life is short and yes my friend; it’s our duty to live life to the fullest. Every losing minute will forever behind us and will never get it back. So friend, sometime despite our busy life, all we need to do is to stop and ponder a while and then get back on that train track of life.

Balance is all we need. So every once in a while, we must do things that satisfy us, satisfy our soul, mind and body.

Bonnie, I thought he will never go and there might be a slight possibility that he might chicken out the whole thing of living in Germany- living faraway for the first time, out of time, out of shelve and out of every familiarity. I know he want this very much and he had gone through fire and ice to make damn sure that this must transpired. That’s why I really want him to fuck off from here, for the betterment of his life- life that I hope one day he will never regret, despite the things that he must let go to move on. Man, shit like that is never easy and will never be and bittersweet irony is, like it or not- life goes on and we must choose one path or the other and there is no turning back. Courage and strong determination is all that it takes to walk-away from the thing we don’t to but must to, and come what may- like time and light, life still, goes on. I am not harboring any thought, I just couldn’t agree more that we must realize the dream we hold dearly, whatever that it is even though we have to cycling through the rocky mountain way. At the end of day, it’s just a decision life gotto take and there’s no wrong or right here- It’s just FREE WILL.

And the longer he actually stays to bother me about playing futsal, even though is the call that I am looking forward and anticipate it- the more I think he will have a second thought. And finally this Yes-Land is all but minus one bugger.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit envy that he is living the life I once lived and the whole airport scene, which at the first seems like a fake party and towards the end really seems like funeral for a friend-love lies bleeding kind of thing actually flashing back that exact moment I had when I took off to India. It was exactly the same. Melancholy, the strange-awkward- don’t know what to do what to say kind of attitudes, whether for the sending off people or for the going off bugger- it’s just fucking same. And how could I not felt it- the blues, the joy of the whole exploration I was about to have is the just few hours away and abracadabra, we are looking through a window, laying eyes on everything that is new, amazing…
But that was just one bit, overall, I am happy this bugger went off finally and behold the world, this bugger is gonna take the yes-land to another level like I once did. So long bugger, have fun of your life and whenever you lost in life or in the city or in the pub or party, just take out the magic card I gave you and remember Christopher Columbus once said- “It’s a whole new world out there” and I always wanna add “Go swim and explore” Salute bugger.

Salvador, a Spanish friend I met in India visited me on his Asia backpacking trip. It was good to have someone from the phase of life you cherished most coming back to you. It’s like you get to hold the piece of shattered sweetest dream you once had. I wish I have all the time and luxury to bring him around but as much as my schedule is holding me down, I tried to do best.

We went to Batu Caves. And hello, I know it’s embarrassing, but Batu caves that day was my first time. Seen it in TV, paper, magazines and even some miles away but to be there, no. never. I thought it was only the staircase that is matter but to prove some of you who might share the same view, it is not. So I did and go extra miles to explore the damn stone caves, rather than merely climbing up the staircase like a monkey do there everyday.

Suja Yussof, the cave warden (a friend I came to know from John Burger’s store, also Amir Yussof’s elder brother) Salvador and myself went on to cave the dark caves of Batu Caves. It was a great exploration and caving experience. It was not only a touristy caving where everything is lightens up for you to see and stone and metal is well constructed for you to walk safe so you could protect dust and bones of red muddy cave from gathering on your docker khaki and yuppie t shirt.

We went all out and as Suja would like to put it, we went against Darwin’s theory of evolution. In a sequence, we walk like a Neanderthal man and then bend like a gorilla, craw like a lizard and last- move like a snake on the ground completely- dragging our body through the tiny hole of caves. It was experimental and something different from Gua Tempurung.

Also one of the event I want to highlight in this page is the week before, I met up with Malaysian’s dinosaur of Rock figure, Malaysian’s greatest guitarist (some might wanna dispute this with Hillary), and one of the Malaysian greatest rock band. We were watching Jerry Felix & the Falcons jamming like every Thursday and out of no where the familiar faces walk in the pub, humbly, in their skin leather pant and flowery shirt, long glammy hair. They were all humble people despite that God status as much as Asian/Malaysian Rock music is concerned. The Papa or dinosaur rock I was talking about is Mr. Ramli Sarip, the leader of the 70s band- Sweet Charity. (Think of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones), the great guitar maestro- Man Kidal, guitarist of the band of Lefthanded and also Man Dayak (drummer) and Yan (bassist), also from the same band- Lefthanded. And so, the house took off their hat and invited them to rock the stage. They performed a slow number of Bob’s “Knocking of heaven’s door” & Rod Stewart’s “I don’t want to talk about it” as well as other rocking numbers from Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

And I guess I must call it off. So buggers, this is a call from me and thanks for being one true blog army and stay tune. Till then, stay true to yourself and don’t be hypocrite. We see each other again.

Closing song- StereokuMonomu by OAG

Writing this page by the pool side in my condo, Pantai Hillpark.