Friday, June 10, 2005

We the people

We the people
Written by Peter Ooi.

We, the people are not perfect
We, the people are weak
And when the weaknesses strike like a hurricane
Hit it in between the eyes
Where temptation is at its highest
Like the taste of red wine flowing down our throat
Hemingway’s way

We, the people give in
Because, at that very moment
All matters don’t matter anymore
All matters around you become gray and dark
And it all closing in like the zooming of camera
Hence, the temptation of committing a grave mistake or a sinful act
Empowering you to do what might be satisfying
To your curiosity, your need, your ego and your moment

And so, we carpe diam!
Even though the essence of the essence of ourselves
Had time and again, spoken against it
That it will cost the price of our integrity and principal

But often, we gave in to the great temptation
Thus the grave mistake, again.

Because, we the people are weak

Because, we the people are weak
We often feel sorry for what we had done
Because it had goes against the very belief and principal
We uphold dearly

Because, we the people are weak
We don’t have the will and courage to even forgive ourselves
Forgiving ourselves seems more difficult than forgiving others

Because we the people are weak
We feel beaten and often choose to live in doomsday
Allowing the bitter past to haunt and judge us
And of whom we are at present day

I say No!

Because, we the people are strong
We mustn’t allow the bitter acts to live and drive our present day

We did something wrong, again- so what?
We committed a sinful act- so what?
We made mistakes- so what?
We seize the moment and it ended up with guilt- so what?

Because, we the people are strong
We must have the will and courage to forgive ourselves
And in doing so, move on…
And to forgive ourselves, all we need is love
Love yourself first and foremost

My friend, life is too short to feel sorry
Over the nitty-gritty deeds we committed
Against what is right and what is wrong

Life is beautiful, so beautiful
That’s why we the people keep becoming ourselves, time and again
Forever and a day

We the people are strong
Because we keep becoming, and in the process of becoming
We became the person of who we are
Hence, we the people are human being

Do not kill yourself- love yourself
Do not beat yourself- pet yourself
Do not harm yourself- love yourself
Do not feel sorry for yourself- forgive yourself and move on…

Life is too short my friend
To NOT to love yourself

In the process of becoming
We might have done something wrong along the way
And in the process of becoming, if we don’t like what we are doing
The best consolation prize we can give to ourselves is to
Stop becoming and re-becoming of something else
Something that will make us happy
Because, life goes on no matter what
Remember, we the people are strong

Because we have something so powerful that we could move the mountain
That no other being in the entire planet possess it
And that is the will and courage to love ourselves by forgiving ourselves
In doing so, we re-becoming again, born anew and move on…

That my friend, is the greatest treasure
We the people have…in the process of becoming

Friday, June 03, 2005

Love life a bitch (latest unreleased 2005)

"I wonder if she'll ever see, the deepest secret in me"
Written by Amir Yussof
excerpt from the song "Fool in love, of the album, Aquarius"

"You moves around the world when you are sober, but the world moves around you when you're stone"
Written by Peter Ooi

Love life a bitch (latest unreleased 2005)

Written by Peter Ooi

"As I walk down the empty street, darkest night
My mind is fucking with my head
My heart is colliding with my soul
For I don't like what my eyes saw and what my heart felt,
I hate everything that is happening now
But I guess it is too late now
To undo the bitter feeling my heart had caused
And now my heart if too fragile to deal with the bitterness of reality

Why is it always end up the usual way
When you start to open your heart
And pour out your greatest feeling
Love life become a sudden bitch
Welcoming the unwanted tragedy
And end up fucking your head, screwing your mind, drilling your soul

Upside down
Is it just me or is it the world?