Monday, December 27, 2004

This ain't a love song

Namaste to all and Merry Christmas!!

It is that time of the year again where we celebrate the wonder and joy of Christmas, in remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ. This year, the gift I got for myself was a new tooth cap. As you may know, last week was a disaster to my front tooth but now, I got a new one, and you know what?? It looks better than before. Great.

It was my first time to celebrate Christmas out of Malaysia and the feeling was somewhat strange and yet, wonderful. All of us, about 15 of us attended a Christmas mass (service) at St. Patrick Church.

Growing up in attending as protestant Christian myself, it was my first time to attend a Christmas mass in Catholic Church. The service was held at midnight and there were about 1,000- 2,000 attendees. The church was quite big, with open space, covered by big trees, beautifully decorated with neon lights, colored papers and Christmas trees. The building of are mostly quite old (but well-preserved), with statues of Mother Mary, Jesus on the cross and some artistic painting (I was confused for a moment thinking I was in the Vatican, hehe).

There was a stage where the bishop conducted the service and the Holy Communion, together with his konco-konco, with I think is a local pastors (fathers). This bishop didn’t look or sound Indian at all. With the big mahogany chair, the stage looks to me like a pope and his cardinals addressing his followers in the Vatican City.

It is still winter season in India and it was really cold at night especially in Pune, the paradise city of India, where everyone in India dreams to come and reside, because it is not only economically developed, it also less crowded, good climate and just simply happening. The degree was about 10 degree that night. It was the coldest Christmas night I ever experienced. You can see those attendees were in blazer or winter coat, cap and glove.

And trust me, lots of chicks who look like actress from Bollywood were also there. Well…now I know, where is all the 'happening' chicks is hiding!

And in the street, you can see lots of Santa Clause, promoting some events or giving out small gift, in petrol station or just being there to greet people.

You can also see people warming themselves with the wood fire or self light fire.

We went back home at about 2am and hung around with hot tea (a must before we go to bed, also my new addiction) until 3am before I closed my eyes for sweet dreams. (Or nightmare)

Saturday morning, I woke up afresh. David, Anna, Marielle, Maike and I went to MG road meat market to shop for preparation for Christmas dinner where we would exchange presents and have a real Christmas dinner.

For the Caucasian, Europeans and the whites, they were quite surprise and shocked with the big, messy, wet markets. For me, I was not as much surprise as them, as the wet market also almost similar to ours back home. But of course, theirs is smell more terrible, dirtier, messier etc. They also slaughter the goats, the chickens and other livestock “live” in front of us 'spectators'.

So lots blood flowing down the drain and “sound of animal screaming in fear and pain”.

In MG road, we also shopped for Christmas presents. All of us need to buy one present for a person which his or her name we drew from the bag earlier. I brought “Memoir of Geisha” for Veronica and another three books for myself; Mitch Albom’s “Tuesday with Morris”, Paula Coelho’s “The Alchemist” and “The devil and the prym”.

It looks like original but it was imitation one. In total for the 4 books I spent about RM 20. I haven’t read Paula Coelho before but through the synopsis, and high recommendation from a Mr. Alan Toh, Omar, Veronica and some local Indians, I decided to buy it. The problem is, I am not sure how am I suppose to transport back all this junk when I go back to Malaysia.

And speaking of books, I am now reading Dan brown’s “Angel & Demons” and I am half way through. It is a superb good read. It is about the clash and debate about the importance of science and religion, particularly the church. While the characters are fictional, all facts and places is factual especially an insight into the operation and hierarchy of the Vatican City. Yik Hun, forget about Clancy and all your P&G motivational books, I think you need to read this one.

Veronica, from Budapest, the girl who I would like to think in a funny way resemble that of The Cranberris’s vocalist or Sinead O’ Connor cooks for us a very nice, tasty Hungarian Christmas dinner.

There were about 20 people. It was held in our A20 apartment and it was a long decorated dinner. After the dinner, and a taste of Republic of Czech’s rum (apparently ban in the EU countries) and Greece’s liquor, we proceeded to a moment where everyone was anticipating, the present exchange.

Veronica was very happy to receive my gift as she always want to read it. My mysterious giver was Tom UK, the Paul Bettany lookalike. He gave me a smoking stuff, most probably one of the greatest Christmas present I had. It was a smoking pipe in disguise of pen-torchlight and screw-bolt stuff. Together with smoking pipe, an ashtray made by muddy-sand, with big marijuana plant on it and hole on the astray are specially made for joint, not cigarette. Last thing was a weed/grass filter. Without doubt, the present to me can be considered one of its kinds.

After the Christmas dinner, we went to the most happening club, EL. Lots of people like it but frankly, I didn’t quite enjoy that place. The landscape is cool and relaxing but I hated the music they played (mostly techno and no proper timing and arrangement), the overloud speaker and the crowded crowd. John, Michael the CDD and I went back earlier, followed by David, Marielle and Anna. Together we clean the messy house and 30 minutes after that; we enjoyed a bowl of hot tea, with cigarette.

Sunday morning, I woke up around 11 something. It was a good feeling especially when I realized I wasn’t suffers from any dope of hangover. About 1pm, Anna and I went to Barista, a great coffee café, on par with that of starbuck café with wide garden and trees, swing and chairs where the guest can lay down or sleep as they wish.

Barista is located opposite near the peaceful meditation center of Osho commune international. By the way, Barista is also a place where I spent most of my Sunday afternoon, drinking coffee, smoking and reading my books. So, Anna and I spent all of our afternoon at Barista, drinking Ice latte and creamy cappuccino. We talk quite lots, some on music, John Lennon, Clapton and his “Layla”, to some social unrest issues, family and friends and also reading books.

Barista also provide a guitar ala Santana for house guest to play while drinking coffee. With my very limited “than chiak” guitar strumming skill, I played my all time great intro of “lake of fire”, “about a girl”, “the unforgiven” and “zombie” and some early chapel songs.

Please don’t think I am the university Chinese dude with guitar playing “when you say nothing at all” to their “ah lean & ah hwa” because Anna knew I didn’t how to play a guitar in the first place and my expertise were for other instrument.

While in Barista, spending beautiful times together, we had been approached by this “overfriendly” Indian guy, in his 40s, married with wife and kids. In a short span of time, he took our photos, took down our contacts and emails and keep reminding of not to forget about him. He also invited us to his house for dinner. At the beginning of conversation, we were delighted at the invitation but at the end, we were having a second thought. Oh, by the way, his name is “Suresh”.

Since we didn’t have breakfast and lunch, so were quite hungry when the sun goes down at 5.30pm. We walked for about 25 minutes to “Get together Pizza Hot” and had great dinner. We were having cheese salami sausage pizza and basic pizza, with banana lassi. Speaking of Anna, honestly, she’s quite cute and pretty and fun to be with. The way she dance can made you go-go like ago-go…

Like I said, she’s a rock chick and quite knowledgeable person, not only musically but worldly. She looks like Halena-Bonham Carter in the movie “Live from Baghdad” together with Michael Keaton but smaller size la…

I told her about the song of “Anna” from Dream Theatre and the Spanish movie of “Anna & Otto” (Florence, do you remember this movie??)

Next week, thanks to DHL, I will receive some of my favorite CD from home and one of them are Dream Theatre.

She also happen to have lots of great rock classic songs including that of Lynryd Skynrd’s “simple man” (one of her all time favorite), Kansas’s “Dust in the wind”, Cat Steven’s “Morning has broken” and etc. Man…those bands I discover in my teen which I almost forgot about them, musically, but she kind of reintroduced them to me.

One of my favorite songs which I kept playing is “superstitious” by Stevie wonder. (Always remind me of the time at Hard Rock café where Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big jamming with A.Samad.) Kek, how we wish we can do it again, huhJ

The songs that stuck in our heads are Eric Clapton’s “Layla”. So, there it goes, whole Sunday spent with Anna. Right now, you must be thinking I must be a chi ko pek or something similar right?? Wilson will be thinking…what la this fucker, Turkish want, Italian want now Greek also want…

As the subject of the blog already stated clearly, this ain’t a love song. This is just an ordinary song.

At night, we went to C1, another trainee’s condo, located next lane to watched “Euro trip”, a movie I watched for 3 times already. Tell you, this movie although is about Europe, but none of the Europeans knows about it. But of course everyone likes it because the places the people the events are well known to them. After the movie, we had a spontaneous “Hat Party” where John (from NZ) was the DJ of the house.

He was a good DJ, with all his gadget and equipment and stuff, playing mix of rock, trance, house and R&B. One of the early songs played was “Euro trip” theme; “Scotty doesn’t know”. Why hat party? Because everyone had to wear something or their head, be it reggae cap, baseball cap, cowboy hat or whatever la…We kept dancing and rocking for about 90 minutes.

After the hat party, we went to Deepak’s party (which actually not a party but just makan-ing). Quite a good hang out place but a rather sad party. No girls no good music, nothing. Maklum la…most of the Indian girl still very conservative.

We spent about 30 minutes and then we went home, which is just one floor down. Anna & I spent time in the ever chilling balcony, singing Eric Clapton's "Layla"

What'll you do when you get lonely
And nobody's waiting by your side?
You've been running and hiding much too long.
You know it's just your foolish pride.
Layla, you've got me on my knees.
Layla, I'm begging, darling please.
Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind.
I tried to give you consolation
When your old man had let you down.
Like a fool, I fell in love with you,
Turned my whole world upside down....

before the must “tea time”.

OK, I am sorry if I bore you with music stuff and book stuff. But thanks really, for reading my crap.

Love & regards,

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sex Drugs & Rock n' Roll

The time is 8.20 pm and it´s sunday night and as always, writing this piece of crap for the blog is not easy. As for now, it is double the trouble to write because I am still suffering from hangover, with no appetite for any kind of food.

We met up with some cool dudes from Sudan. His name is DJ Shariff. He is a cool guy, a freelance DJ. He looks like the black policeman in the french movie, “taxi”. Through him, we met up with other DJs like DJ Tony T from Taiwan, DJ Kim from Korea and DJ Texas, originally from Sudan, growing up in Texas and study in Dubai but now, Dj-ing in Pune.

I think most scandanivian girls will give in their virginity to them especially DJ Shariff. Correction, I think most girls will, not only scandanivian.

DJ Shariff hooked Omar up with a local pusher, selling all kind of drugs in a open space. So, Omar bought like 20 grams of weed and 10 grams of hash for only RM 15.

Thursday night, we got invited to “Nirvana” ( but nothing “Nirvana” about it), a local pub located somehwhere near where we live, where DJ Shariff, Kim and Tony T is spinning. The pub was really great and the music they played was awesome, a mixture of old school rap, hip-hop, R&B, house and Bob Marley´s raggae. Mario, Maike, Omar, Magda, Alionna, Thomas A20 and Shaila were there. It was really great especially when they play the old school like MC hammer´s “ U can´s touch this”. And of course, entrance fees and beers was taken care off by those Djs. The dancing and everything kind of remind me of partying at Barfly. The only different is the place was without Wilson´s coolest moves. I tried to copy Wilson moves, Bryan´s dance step, a little bit of Noh stlye and of course, mine as well. I guess it wasn´t bad after all since DJ Shariff personally said I was a good hiphop-er as well as successfully hook up with girlsJ (since the success of hooking up with girls definitely not because of face attraction so I presume it was my party attitudes)

But I told him NO!! Don’t mistaken me, I don´t like HipHop, I am a true rocker!!!!

In Nirvana, people tend to overdress, you know…like dressing up to kill. The afro was wearing like the black rapper, with gold chain and bling bling stuff

We also had a inhouse performance by a group of Afro-african who copied exactly like those dudes in “you got served”. But I think it was a shitty performance.

So we parties away until 3.30 am and I went to bed at 4.30 am. Mario, Maike, Omar and I shared a rickshaw back home and the ride home was extremely cold and shivering. The degree was about 10 degree.

As expected, Friday morning was hell. I was so fucking sleepy that I dozed off many times in my engineering courses. It was last day of the training and I didn´t really give a fuck about the training, which I never understood it anyway. I went on sleeping comfortably, with many different position. None of the jargon used in the training make sense to me, let alone the point and the overall courses. You know…stuff like trap, condensate, steam, Co2 etc. I guess the only jargon I understood was AC/DC

I have finish Dan Brown´s Da Vinci code and now about to finish Archer´s “Matter of honour”. Trust me, the Da Vinci code was fucking great, a great read, with endless suspence and adrenalin pumping, blood rushing. I can imagine Robert Redford playing Robert Langdon (but apparently they had selected Tom Hank instead), Rachel weitz playing Sophie Neveu, Jean Leno playing Bezu Feche, Mark Ruffalo playing agent Collet, Tommy Lee Jones playing Sir leigh teibing and Donald Sutherland playing Grandpa Seniurre.

As for Matter of honour, Colin Farrell and Paul Bettany playing the leads, the character of Adam and Lawrence respectively. I brought a book by Mitch Albom, the author of “Tuesday with Morris” which seems interested to read. Anyway, the book is “The 5 people you meet in heaven”. I remember Mei Ching was reading “Tuesday in Morris” back in sophomore year. So if you happen to read this crap, maybe you can email me your recommendation.

I think this crap is going nowhere. But I will try to focus. OK, fast forward to Saturday. We have three trainees from Mumbai namely a dutch guy, a british guy and Benny, from Indonesia. Benny is a funny guy and for the first time is Pune, finally someone to speak and understood my language. We were enjoying speaking in bahasa Melayu/Nusantara. We were singing and talking about Iklim, Search, Dewa, Sheila on 7, Kris Dayanti and etc.

And we also have a new arrived trainee from Greece. Her name is Anna and she´s an ex LCP and…, what a gorgeous chick she is. She´s your type of rock chick, someone who listen to Pink Floyd. I don´t know why but she really reminds me of Gokce the Turkish girl, the feature, hair, skin colour but of course, she didn´t look like her. Anna play the guitar in the band and now we are talking about doing some jamming. Soon, I will sing and intro a song from Dream Theatre to her, “Anna”. (the song title) I am quite impress with her musical test. How often can you meet a cun chick, who know so much about Eric Clapton. But of course, I am better la…, She may know the lyrics of “Layla”, “Pretending”, “My father´s eyes” or “Tears in heaven” but I know the true meaning why the song was composed. Sorry la….a bit of showing off but like the dutch like to put it, “what the fuck…I don´t care, I am a dutch…” I believe knowledge should be shared, so I shared it all to her.

Unlike the “Kiasu” university chinese dudes, who keep notes all to themselves like the CIA keeping national secrets from the KGB. The attitudes that I despise completely. That’s why, I will never get “ngam” with those fucking losers. And most of the time, hanging out with those layback Malay dudes. Back to Anna, Kek, I think you should meet with Anna if you have the chance. She´s so cool and of course musically knowledgeable. I told her about “Anna” from Dream theatre already. I think she going to like it. (My brother had couriered my Dream Theatre CD to me via DHL)

For the moment, she´s sleeping next space to me now that Thomas my roomate is going back to Germany until January. So we chatted the night away

The highlight of the weekend is of course, the christmas party cum farewell party to Inge and Christianne, organized by group of Daimler Chyler trainees, in their huge and beautiful condominuim. It was a party of “Sex Drugs & Rock n´ Roll”.

Christianne and Inge is going back to the Netherland and of course I will miss them, as a friend, the time alone spent with them in their room, smoking out, under sleepy and dimmy neon, with musics of Radiohead and Alanis.

Once “Paradise city”, “U could be mine”, “Lithium” and the likes was played on the air, I knew the night had begin and hence, excessive drinking and smoking. In the party, most of the time was spent with Maike, Inge and Christianne, as well as talking with Omar, german guys, DJs, Benny and of course, Anna from Greece.

I was suppose to go to a Pink Floyd concert tribute in the city with Anna, but too bad that it crash with the party. It was fucking sad but I guess after all, you can never get the best of two world. But in Pune, there´s always lots of progressive rock concerts, gigs and live bands, from Jazz, blues, rocks all the way back to the 70s. So no regret. And needless to say, I was high and drunk.

Now come the hardest part, the dejavu of my dream, the things that I knew it gonna happen again no matter how hard I tried to avoid it. Towards the end of the party, I was talking to Thomas C1 while drinking beer from the bottle. And while drinking, Thomas suddenly raise his arm and accidently hit my beer bottle and crack!!, half of my front tooth was flying in the air. Tong Chien and Amelia, I am sure you will laugh at how I look now as I am sure you do remember when the same accident happen to me last year.

I already fix an appointment with a dentist and I think it gonna cost lots of money to fix it. “Fuck!!!, dah la muka macam toya makmin, gigi pulak patah tengah, tambah lagi ke-toyahmakmin-an di muka, ma chau ci bai eh…so, I am now an officially a “Ugly kid Joe”””
Maaflah, kalau lu orang tak faham bahasa melayu orang Penang atau orang Utara…

As for the night after the party, I am not gonna write it here la…I will live it to your wild imigination. Bur of course I will write in my own “black diary” Suddenly I feel like I am writing like Dan Brown already, so much of guesses and suspence.

The morning after, I was of course, completely dehydrated and hangover. I was also fucking sad with my new look. I couldn´t fathom the look of me in the mirror. I used to dream that I crack my front tooth and it was scary in my dream but when I open my eyes, I was always relieved knowing that it was just a dream. But this time, it was real. I guess only time will heal.

I am sure you know the feeling of being hangover, no mood and appetite and stuff. But I was being taught a lesson by this Dutch guy. He said “ If you wanna be a tough guy at night, make sure you are also tough in the morning after”. So his point was, don´t be such a sissy, face your hangover like a man.

Anyway, I slept until 1.30pm and later, went on the beautiful, serene garden of the Osho commune international, the world´s most famous place for meditation. The garden is so peaceful, with flowing river, fountain, lots of flowers and green and the sound of nature. It remind me of Pink Floyd´s animal album. While on the way there, we met up with this street magician and he entertained us with some of his hand tricks. One of the amazing trick was, he asked all of us to pick our favourite smell of flower. So, some pick Jasmine and some pick paris. And then he asked us to rub the back of our hand and after a while, we can smell our favourite flower on our hand. And the mystery part was he never touched any of our hand. What a trick!!

Sunday afternoon, we hooked up with DJ Shariff and his Sudanese community to play soccer and it was my first football practise in India, ever since I reached here two month ago. The pitch was bad. Actually it wasn´t a pitch at all, it was just an empty land, with lots of small rocks, sands and dry glass. We played small post. I as always, being a fat lazy pig I am, playing the position of forward, only forward. Just like my weekly football training with the boys back home, I didn´t contribute much in the game, because I just stand above the line and waiting for the ball to come. But it doens´t matter, I score almost all the goalsJ despite the facts that I was quite redundant and didn’t run much. I am sure Bonnie and OTC can tell you the situation.

I think I am done for now. Tomorrow will be another Monday blues and Tuesday grey, Wednesday yellow, Thursday red, Friday pink and Saturday hip hip hoorey!!!

I am looking forward to my new year GOA island trip. And in january I might be travelling to Jaipur, Rajakhtan, visiting my fav. Girl, Gokce the turkish girl….

Honestly, I am fucking broke, so broke that every penny spent count. “Dah la takda duit, gigi pulak patah, ini betul betul kali amput, kamziet pukimak!! Punya accident!!”

Love & regards,


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

To Dimebag Darrell--Rest in peace

Namaste my blog-army (copying KISS of greeting their fans)

For the first time I am writing from my home, sweet home. And for the first time I didn´t write this in my office. I don´t know why but somehow I have a feeling that no ones is reading my crap except for a few. But read or no read, I don´t really care. I mean why I should I care whether people read or not, at the end of the day, I am the one that going to look back on those days. But for those who really read, whether to kill time or really interested in knowing what´s up with me or for whatever, just keep in mind that I appreciate it and will remember for a long time to come.

Before I go on, I would like to tribute this writing or updates as a condelence to Mr Dimebag Darrell, ex- guitarist and ex co-founder of one of the greatest thrash-metal band on earth, PANTERA!!

The late rockstar pass away few days ago, just 10 minutes into his gig, with his new formed band: DAMAGEPLAN. He was shot to death by an unknown shooter who went up to the stage and started his shooting spree and kill four other people.

Maybe some of you will ask, who is him or who´s Pantera?

Pantera means lots to me as far as rock musics in concern although I didn´t really dig into their music, the way I dig Guns n´Roses or Poison.

1993 was the year when my childhood friend (Zuwairi) introduced rock music to me and the first band that got into my head was Pantera, followed by Sonic Youth and Acid Rain and Cromok. Those were the cassette day. This was even before I knew about Hendrix, Nirvana, GnR, The Doors or The Beatles.

Since then, I got hook onto the evolution of Rock Music, all the way back to the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and millenium. From The Beatles in the 60s, to The Eagles in the 70s, GnR in the 80s, Nirvana in the 90s and The Darkness in the 00. So on and so forth. From reading biography, to so much of influences. And later my musical expertise and knowledge expanded to Bob Marley, Jazz and Early blues of Johnson, BB King, John Mayer and Clapton.

My point is, my deep interest for Rock music right now might not be in me if my friend didn´t introduced PANTERA to me. My favourite album was “Vulgar on Display” and my favourite songs was “cowboy from hell” and “Hollow”.

With his demise, there is more reason for me to keep hanging PANTERA poster (The southern trend killer) on my room´s wall. I am sorry for this unwanted incident that had claimed one of the world´s great guitarist, on par with that of Satriani, Steve Val and Paul gilbert. I don´t know how many people will need to die for US of A to change their gun control policy.

So what´s up with me. Right now is 10:15 pm and Inge, christianne´s friend, just went off. She came to informed me to go to her place this Wednesday to smoke out and have a drink and get-together. They are leaving in 10 days time. I am alone in the living room with cigarette and hot tea, accompany by the jazz of Norah Jones, Omar is working out while David and Marielle is in the kitchen, having dinner.

Digging back to last weekend, it was one of the greatest. Friday night was great because there were string of event and parties to attend. Simply because it was a FRIDAY NIGHT.

First, Omar, Thomas and I were invited by my company´s chairman, Dr Neusyed Forbes to his awesome balcony, some 5 minutes walking distance from my house. It is a fortnight event where he will invite some friends, directors and partners to hang around his condo, discussing about social unrest and issues, from social economics to politics and everything else except work related stuff. It is kind of social gathering and his way of getting close with his employees. ( I think)

His condo was great. It is a 6 floor condo, one floor one unit, so you can imagine, how big it was. The interior was amazing, complete with a complete library, audio visual room and great artistic painting. I saw his collection of Sinatra, Beatles, Beethowen and the likes, DVD of Frasier and other great movies and great books like biography of Stalin & Hitler, Adam Smith´s The wealth of Nation and many more.

Anyway, the discussion was about “China as the next economy powerhouse and how should India learn from them”. My chairman is a DR at Stamford University, California and his knowledge is undoubtable even though it wasn´t about engineering. He is also a head of CII (Confederation of India Industry).

It was a great pleasure to share and exchange knowledge with these people while being serve varieties of 5 star foods and 5 star collection of alcoholic drink namely Bacardi, whiskey, Rum etc.

I was lucky as I managed to get into the groove of discussion. Shit, as expected, Omar interupted me with roll of hash and suddenly, living room are now with David and Marielle.

As I was saying, I was lucky that I can get along with the discussion because I did a project paper on “China´s FDI (Foreign Direct Investment” in my sophomore year”.

See, my life here is not about stone and drunk, it is also about acquiring knowledge and seek a way to understand the place and people around you. I will be going for a kids performance for charity next two week or so and also might be participating in National adventure race in February, together with my house mates.

After a few shots of Bacardi limon and full stomach of great foods, we left the house and went back home. We were suppose to go to Iranian party but we kept procastcinating. Omar and I hooked up with Inge and Christianne to Shisha café. We thought we would go to Iranian party after Shisha but we went back the Christianne and Inge´s room instead. Hash, radiohead and alanis Morisette coloured our night and we stayed until 3am.

I reached home around 3.30 am and slept for about 2 hours and later to be waken up by Marielle.

Early Saturday morning, Marielle, myself, Maike, Michael the coombian drug dealer (CDD) and the new Germany trainee, Mario went to Matheran Hill station, about 3 hours away from where I lived. One of the greatest place, also recommended by the Lonely planet.

We went there with a local train. The train ride remind me of Mumbai but this one was better. Reached the bottom of the hill and we had about 2 hours before departed with the toy train to the top of the hill. The toy train ride took us about 2 hours and the journey was fantastic. We sang all the way and mimicking all the animal´s sound like little kids going up to Penang Hill.

The top was so high up and it was so scary yet so interesting. Imagine riding the train along and around the hill, without edges.

The special thing about this hill station is like a huge village, with string of mid class hotels, shops and café. All machine vehicle is banned and the only mode of transportation is horses and rickshaw and wagon. So, there isn´t any pollution. There is 12 point to stop at, with different point different view. The similarities of all 12 point is, overlooking the huge and serene view from 800 m, above sea level. The first day, we walked non stop. We reached the sunset point where lots of people were waiting for the sunset. The sun set down the V shape, in between two mountain. There is also lots of Monkey. Mario and I saw a monkey fucking another monkey and we started singing “pretty fly for a white guy” by Offspring.

It was 6.30 and we realized it was completely dark and we bump into group of local traveller. So together we found our way out through the darkness of the quiet jungle. There is this fascist and drunk Indian kept talking about crap like India greater than Paskistan and stuff like that.

Interuption. David is defrozing the refrigerator and there it goes, snowball war. Norah Jones time is up and now on the air is Eric Clapton´s The Clapton chronicles.

We hung out at night in our room with beers and musics, nothing special. After that, we went to our hotel´s restaurent for a late dinner.

In the morning. We travelled to the rest of the point with horses. Trust me, the horse here is not like those horse in Ayer Itam, sick and waiting for heaven´s gate to be open. The are the horses at the peak of their life, instead of stable, they work here in the hill station and for part time, some of the horses are doing real horse racing.

So there it goes, jungle tracking the top hill side with horse. It was my first time riding the horse. Riding the horse my first time really hurt my two ball. It wasn´t easy but somehow I managed to cope with it.

This part have to be written down, if not I will not forgive myself. We reached one of the point and we saw this view, all the way down, with huge lake and big river, peaceful villages. Michael the CDD and I decided to dump the horse and the rest of the journey by walking down the hill and climbing up again. Every step down the hill and up the hill was a one last breath. Just hoping on the edge of the rocks and narrow angles without any equipment. I falled and slide, some minor injuries but it was fun. The village from top was like the size of a cow, so you can imagine…(I will invite you to my photo gallery once I am done)

I think I am writing too long. So I am gonna cut it short. We left the hill station and took the train back home. We reached Pune 10 something in the evening.

John Archer, the new trainee from New Zealand has arrived. Cool guy, I think.

Monday blues as usual. Thomas, Omar and I started our Steam engineering course today and will be going on until Friday.

So that´s all, the night is about to begin and I am gonna stop right here. Sweet dream…

Merry Christmas Malaysia, Denmark, Vietnam, Germany and the world!!!

Love & regards,

P/s: Remember Laura?? She visited us and asked about me when I was at Hill station. She will be going back to Italy and be back again January. I miss her and for a moment, I would like to trade off the hillstation trip just to see her. But what to do…it is all fated. It was a surprise visit from her and I wasn´t there to grap the suprises.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Namaste Motherfucker 2

Namaste Motherfucker!!

It is a hot day today but yesterday and few days before were freakingly cold. For the one past week and this week, life in Pune has been really great, with endless celebrations and parties and our new outlook house.

First, Jos the Nickelback. He is the interior manager. Omar is the architect. David is the chef and gardener and me, in charge of cleaning and post-decoration. We spent our weekend redecorated the house, from the living room, to the light, to the kitchen, balcony etc.

The changes were a 100% change and according to the visitor’s poll, they now feel like living in the coziest house ever. A20 will never be the same again.

Remember the two dutch girl, Inge and Christeen? I didn’t know them then, but I know them now. Well...they were at our new look apartment for the past few days since we had string of celebration/parties in A20.

Christeen is cool and with red hair. But for Inge, the blonde, she always a bit fuck-up (blur) in the head, at least most of the time whenever I see her, either stone or drunk or sometime both. But despite her crazy attitude, she sometime can be blurry cute and innocent. The night when we had a pre Christmas party (Austrian style), all of us were on top of party mood. Balcony time was great. Jos is the funniest guy around. The best time is when he got drunk or stone or both, and start to squat like an Indian in the street and shout Namaste motherfucker or playing “speedy Gonzalez” on his old saxophone.

Day before the party, we went to centre Pune, a Pavajee temple, a temple 100 steps up from the ground. The tiredness is just like climbing up the penang dam. It was fruitful as we manage to oversee almost whole Pune. The wind was strong and eagles was flying flat high in the sky. Up the temple, there is a rooftop where we need to pay 1 rupees to enter, but at our own risk, since the alley are without any wall. (so, if you misstep, you fall flat like a dead pigeon).

We hung around and chat at that corner of the top. Then we bump into a young parent with daughter, who looks like Dakota Fanning. They are from Barcelona. Then I started to sing Queen’s “Barcelona” and followed by the rest of them.

For this visit, it was just 8 of us. Dennis the Irish boyband look alike, Omar the fucking rambo, Thomas Germany, Mariella the new dutch girl slightly look like Mel C, Jos the Nickelback, me, Meike from Germany. We were there until the sunset and we manage the catch a clear view of sunset.

Living here sometime flash me back to the golden days of my youth where everything was crazy and ignorant. For instance, on the way back to our apartment, we were having a rickshaw “fight”. Omar and Dennis was on the bike and Jos and I were on the rick. We were throwing water bottles to each other across the busy traffic and to the extent of came down from the rick while the rick is still stopping and starts to whack each other’s head. It was completely crazy.

You can say “ tu kau” or “la-la” . In most of the party, Jos, wimp, Omar and I were always end up wacking and breaking stuff. I think everyone were crazy to certain extent but breaking stuff like those grunge days, it was me alone. David has filmed most of the violence part and when I go back, I can show you in DVD of live in A20. Speaking of grunge, my Butterfinger’s CD is really famous here. Everyone likes it and were suprise that it was a Malaysian band.

At that night we had a drinking party. Omar was the man who set the rules of smoking weed and also was the man breaking it. I wander why man make rules when they know rules are meant to be broken and they gonna break it anyway?

Why bother to make rules? Just live with no rules and you enjoy life rather than you make one and break it and then you feel motherfucking guilty. That’s why I like to say to this kind of person: “Life’s a bitch and so am I, the world owe me to fuck you!!”

I called Gokce the Turkish girl in Jaipur, Rajakhstan. It didn’t make sense that to call Rajakhstan, the north India is much expensive then I call back to Malaysia. What can I say apart from being happy for her, for she is living her life there.

I missed my CD already. Thanks to wimp, the Dutch guy, who burn 16 Cds for me to release my boredom. So now I got Sheryl crow, Eagles, Fun loving criminal, Some Dutch band, Blof and Andre Hazes, and so on...

I also asked my brother to courier some cooking spices to me and some of my favorite CDs namely Motley crue, Evan Mark, Jazz and blues collection, Mr Big etc.

India is great and I am broke. I really wish I can go travel at the end of my traineeship. Right now I have so many plan for travelling but I don’t have any idea on whether would I have enough money or not. I am planning to get a 3-month visa extension. I am also planning to visit Gokce in Rajakstan, Gesine the Gytneth Patrow in Delhi and in April, I might wanna join David to Nepal, the place of world’s coolest mountain is located.

This is all still tentative. I hope I have enough saving at the end of the traineeship. If not, maybe I will borrow from friends or from my parents and pay back later when I got a job in Malaysia or else where. I mean now that I am here, I don’t want to miss the opportunity of travelling and keep on discovering. I don’t want to do it twice. So, anyone wanna borrow me?? :) Chi wei?? My richest friend, a son of a successful entrepreneur. Send my regards to auntie and uncle Lee,

OK?? See...I am starting to polishing his ass already now that I may need his favor...what a jack in the ass I am...I am just human..hahahaaaa….

The travelling trip to GOA islands is fixed and we gonna spent our New Year there. It is gonna be a blast!

This weekend, I will travel to Mahentra hill, near Mumbai. A place with great scenary, no pollution and stuff.

Back to Ingre and Christeen, the gorgeous babes from Holland. They are pretty cool. And we shared lots of similar interest too...Yesterday we were having a confession session of being a club member of GLAP.

GLAP is Gay & Lesbian Association of Pune and were having a so called general meeting and it also been filmed. I was the president and Ingre was my vice and Christeen was my girlfriend cum secretary. Omar was one of the speakers. Together with other, we shared of our same sex experience. Some was real and some was fake, just to entertain the night. There was a story about falling in love with teacher and seduced by the teacher while teaching homework, kissing in the bedroom etc. Ingre told her story, about she falled in love with this fucking gorgeous chick in the class and later, was just part of her history. The fucking gorgeous girl turns out to be Christeen. And now they are best friend.

Tonight will Jos's last night as he will be going back to Holland for good on Wednesday. With his departure, which I am sure all of us will definitely miss, the old batch are now completely gone and the new batch rules!!!

So this update is a special tribute to my second most sensitive friend, who cry when he see onion, who squat and shout namaste motherfucker when he drunk or when he not drunk, JOS!!!!


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Tribute to a friend

9.45 am / 1/12/2004

I want to begin my day in office not by going detail into my work but to spend maybe 20 minutes or so to write some sort of tribute in this blog, dedicated to my closest friend from Poland, the most “sensitive” man on earth, who said goodbye to us yesterday evening. His name is Michal. How can I not write about him?

There is so much things to write about him but my time here has its limitation. The weather is getting colder and colder every evening and morning. The house of A20 is also experiencing a change in its environment as one by one of old batch is leaving.

First leaving us was Kaske, the guy from Japan, and then Hendreanekka, and then Stefani (moved to her boyfriend’s house) and now the most important guy, everybody’s best friend, the most “sensitive man” on earth, the most likeable person, the girls’ darling and the boy’s hero....He is Michal is he is from Poland.

The guy I met the first night I was here and almost got me into a fight with the rick driver the morning after. He has the most inspiring life story to be told. I just felt bad for him ( I am sure everybody also felt the same) that the lowest point of life’s vicious cycle hit him too soon, at the wrong time and at wrong place of life, the time and place where he should be happy for himself, for his newfound place and freedom, for his reunited with his fiancee (now ex fiancee).

This is a man that burned all his hard earn money and sacrificed his job just to experiencing “life changing experience” traineeship. Not knowing what would happen to him, he came here as soft as kitten, expecting everything will be just great but end up as tough as the tiger instead.

One by one of bad things happen to him. First, his fiancee which he was eager to be reunited, broke up the engagement (of 5 yrs relationship). Reason was not widely known but from what I can tell, it wasn’t any existence of third party, it was just the new found freedom and unreadiness in commitment of her then fiancee. Just when he thought he will meet his love of his life, after a long distance travelling across the sky and across the continent, with utmost anticipation and expectation, all hell broke loose when she delivered what must be the hardest and bitter pill to swallow, in his life; breaking off the engagement despited the beautiful ring, the invited guest and the booked restaurent back in Poland.

What follow by this unwanted incident was equally bad. The job that the company offered him turn out to be as bad as the broken engagement. The lesson to learn is don’t trust everything on the paper, and don’t trust the Indian. (of course not all Indian ). The company I work for is always trustable, so far so good, “no kelinga teh”

Anyway, the company hit its bad financial crisis and was not able to sustain his traineeship after a few weeks. So he loafed around redundantly throught the days, spending his hard earned money on basic daily life. If this is not the worst, AIESEC Pune add salt to his injury. Not wanting to be responsible and not wanting to seek another replacement, this poor guy was a victim of bad luck. After a continuous harsh words and lots of bugging, they somehow managed to get him a job but not for long because after 2 month of working, the company declared solventcy or bankruptcy. And again, he was back to normal.

Although AIESEC Pune paid him the compensation monthly, but the compensation always came later than expected and sometimes fewer than it is needed. This caused him to be so fucking broke, so broke that he has to skip his lunch or dinner, bread and tea for dinner or sometime no dinner at all. So broke that he had to borrowed money from friends and mates, merely to survive another day.

I know he was stress and he was confused and he was sad. Who wouldn’t if one are into the same situation; left everything dearly and lovely behind, in the new land, no job no money, and to top it all, losing his love of his life. As tough as he can be, but he still shed his tears everynight, only to be dried by the morning sunlight.

But despites the chain of unhappiness, he never failed to show us his friendship, his kindness, his humour, his companionship. Despites all of unwanted events that has taken place, he still live his life through the days, until the last day of his traineeship, jobless and redundant. Partly because he wanna prove to the world and most importantly, himself, that he will survived through the hard times and he did, therefore for people who know him and few people who know him even better, we will be forever be motivated by his life experiences. A man of courage never die, a man who truly know what it means by “life goes on”.

But it wasn’t easy to be a person like him to know what he didn’t know then but clearly understood it now. It tooks lots of pain and anger, tears and sadness as well sleepless night.

You wander how a man like this can survive through such difficult period of time where the world seems to be agains everything he does. He is to be the best example of what it means by “catch 22” or Murphy’s Law.

He survive through hard times with people around him. The love of friendship and companionship. The endless support for his life to continue no matter what and of course, the jokes of bad boys, one of the factor that dry his tears away and healing his unhappiness.

In his final speech in farewell party, he confessed that the only point to lead his life through despite all the fucking unluckiest chain of event that befallen upon him, unwanted and uninvited, he felt graceful and thankful that he somehow survived till the end, all because all of the people around him. (As a farewell gift, we sent him to GOA islands for 6 days)

Though he had a new plan in Poland and new job too, but he is too afraid to go back just because he will not have all the people he had here. But rest assured, as I think life would treat him good, and maybe better, now that the life of vicious cycle had hit the bottom. So the next point will be on the way up, to the peak point of life.

So yesterday evening was a mix feeling of both sadness and happiness. Sadness is to see him leaving and happiness is to see him finally, leaving the misery and sadness behind the four wheels.

As I said, all the A20 mates, new and old was there except for Jack Nicholson, most probabbly still trying to shut down his laptop. (He was late)

We were at the lobby. David the new Czech guy was filming and we shook and hugged, for what must be the last goodbye. Maybe we will meet again in the near future, maybe not. God’s will.

Even the “baba” (friend) security who has work there as long as anybody can remember, who never speak English, but always smiley to all of us shed a tear for Michal, saying his first English sentence (with the help of body movement) “ I cry, he’s good man”....

He watched him arrived suprised and dumbfounded, watched his happy and moment through the days, came back from party, watched him back and forth to the grocery store and internet cafe and now he’s watching him leaving...

And for one last time, we shouted the infamous greeting, the greeting created by he himself, the greeting that will forever be in our head; “NAMASTE MOTHERFUCKER!!” (Good day Motherfucker!!) and all of us laughed and different direction.

I am back to my daily life. I did the six pack training with Rambo again. I think I somewhat motivated by the saying “Take care of your health when you are young, so your health can take care of you when you are old” (by Rambo, the pain in the ass). He is still as crazy as usual. Shooting the poor pigeons.

Now at A20, old batch is gone, slowly, one by one. Now left the last one, Jos Stemmen, Holland, the one that look like Nickelback, and also Michal’s best buddy. The night before Michal’s leaving, we organize another small party, took place in our beloved balcony. I was completely drunk and high and so was everybody. It was fucking great!! (to quote Kaske the Japanese, his favorite expression apart from “jerk off”!!)

And now I am feeling guilty for I expected this tribute to be done in 20 minutes but took me almost an hour already. Shit, I always procascinating. And it is bad!! Because procastination is like masturbation, you end up fucking yourself in both cases:)

Thats all,

Love and regards,

Monday, November 29, 2004

Namaste Motherfucker!!

Namaste Motherfucker,

That’s the greeting among us, the bad and crazy boys. Now is 1318 and I just got back from lunch and 20 minutes of self-meditation in my private room. Never a day I will live without my private room. Sigh..what a snake...

I am now waiting for a meeting with a local sales engineer to discuss a strategy to promote our steam engineering courses. So I have exactly 25 minutes to type all my craps for the past few days which is quite unlikely to happen because I am a person who can’t stopping once I start to rock the keyboard.

I will rewind the activities of past few days. First the pre-farewell party which was plan for 5 of our friends who is going back to their respective home country namely Kaske and Yoske to Japan, Hendreanekka and Jos to Holland and Michal, the sensitive guy, back to poland.

The preparation was great. Lots of foods was self-prepared, mostly by the outgoing trainees. I did play a minor roles in preparing the chicken salad. Jos did a great Indian rice (something like Briyani rice). Michal did a benana milk shake, chicken salads with olives, eggs and sweet corns and the Japanese cooked a miso soup and some stuff that look like pizza but it was a eggs, stuffed with beef.

That afternoon, Michal, Omar the fucking rambo and I went to MG road and brought some important stuff. Since I finished John Grisham’s “The Brethren”, so I ended up with another 2 books which is Dan Brown’s “Da vinci code” and Hitler autobiography, “mein kempf” which means my struggle which part of it was written when he was in prison. I already started about one chapter and so far, the reading was great. Grisham on another side, needless to say, as always, compelling and gripping to the end.

Omar was crazy, he stopped by a gun shop and brought a rifle and went back to shoot pigeons in our roofless balcony. For a while it was tolerated because he didn’t do anything that hurt no one except for the pigeons but after a while he went over the line and starting to go around up and down the apartment to aim and shoot at the poor pigeons. When the neighbour started to look at him suspiciously, some of us was worry that the neighbour might report to police (shooting birds openly is illegal in India). But he ain’t listen to nobody (he’s one stubborn motherfucker, a real pain-in-the-ass).

Things got worse when the ever paranoia Bernard a.k.a Jack Nicholson got completely freak out and starting to think that the police is coming to bust us and if it is true, then all of us might be in deep trouble and may as well forget about the farewell party because it was not the gun (rifle shot gun) that matter, it was the 4 month old marijuana plant in our balcony that matter). So Nicholson keep freaking out and bugging everybody with “the police is coming”, “ I think we should hide the plant” etc. He did brought up his concern of the plant few days before this and he did voice out of his disapproval on keeping the plant in the house and Omar and I keeping the weed in the closet. I was really piss off when his non-stopping freaking out attitude bothered me and for the first time, I shouted at him, straight to his face:

“Shut up, will you??, there isn’t any police coming, stop freaking out on me, what we said was there might be a possibility, rilexs, will you”

I mean when in situation like these, what we don’t need is another freako like Bernard to make matter even worse, what we need is a calm mind to resolve the matter with uninamous decision. So what we did was, we destroyed the plant, fearing that police might come. But anyhow, Deepak, our indian friend went to the neighbour and apologise of Omar ignorance’s in shooting. But we still destroyed the plant anyway. Maybe we did it out of everybody’s sake or maybe out of tolerance. As for me, I was fine but just somewhat sad coz I will not have the opportunity to watch the baby grow, to be male or female. But I can live with that, for everybody’s sake. To cut the story short, rambo managed to shot two pigeons, pluged away the feathers, wash them, stuff them with rice, cook some yogurt and finally fried them. The smell was really great and I was invited to join him for the late lunch. I didn’t want to eat the poor pigeons but since the curiosity in me is killing the cats around me, I ended up eating it and was finger licking good.

It was my first time, so my stomach got upset and from yesterday’s overdose of “shit”, I ended up with headache and stomachache. I took 2 tablet of panadols, drank lots of waters, went to sleep and woke up before the party begin. I swore this is going to be the first and the last time I eat the poor pigeons, not because I felt sick but because of the cruelty act of robbing away the freedom of a bird. You may say what’s the different between eating a chicken or cow and a pigeons? I think there is no difference, God created us and the animals and all all of us are destined to be in His circle of life. Species eating another species to survive another day, follow by reproduction and so on...It is bad enough that we human kill millions of land and water’s living creatures for our daily life therefore to kill another living creature up and free in the sky will made it even worst hence I cannot tolerate this.

At night, all invited guest started to come and the dinner begin. I was as usual, the people’s elected DJ of the occasion. Guns N’ Roses, Beef, Blof, NoFX, Coldplay, Ozzy Osbourne, Ernie Smith, Oasis, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Nelly, MissyElliot, Eminem etc was played to entertained the guest. The dinner was great and in less than an hour, most of the food especially the Japanese eggs with beef and Poland’s chicken salads was attacked to the core.

For a huge party like this, it was funny that all of the foods which seems a 4/5 portion of the spending was actually only 1/5 of the spending. The rest of the 4/5 of the spending goes to 4 boxes of beers, bottles of hard liquor and soft drink. So the party went on until the ungodly hours of 5am. Towards the end, around 2-3 am, most of us was somewhat high, stone and slightly drunk but yet still very much sober and awake. We were laughing at everything we did. The crazy and “sensitive” boys were fuck up-ed particularly Jos the Nickelback, Wimp william of Holland (nice and cool guy, a non aiesec trainee that earning big euro salary living in India), Kaske the Nippon, Michal the sensitive man and me. They were so obsessed with the way I squat like a “apek cina” (chinese old man). Of course the nippon can do it very well but the whites just simply can’t do it (but they did it anyway). We squated in a circle and laughed at nothing, some dripping beers/alcohol from mouth, some simply imitated the Indians by spitting at the floor. We even crushed some of the stuff like badminton racquet, plates and cups, cutlery, rubbish bins etc. It was a completely crazy mess and scenes.

Farewell party always sentimental. Kaske the nippon was crying non-stop during the gift and speech session. It was sad that he has to go back to Japan, where he has to start his repititive life. That day is soon for me:(

The house were in total mayhem and chaos after the party. The floor seems like after flooded.

By the way, the new arrived trainee, the big boob nice ass dutch girl name is Marealla. She looks like Mel C of Spice girls. (slightly).

We also have new guy who is gonna move in to our apartment tomorrow. He was in the farewell party as well. He is David and he looks like a young prodigy or professor from Harvard school. He is the man. In less then 24 hours since he moved in, he as assumed the work of a plumber, fixer etc. He fixed the toilet (2 weeks spoilt, the water was stuck) in less than hour, he fixed kitchen stuff and lots more. He is from Czech Republic. Next week, a new trainee, Barbina from Poland is coming. Rumours has it that she is also pretty looking. I hope so. When asked about how he fixed the toilet and water stuck, he said he just talked to the water and asked the water “where do you wanna go” and the water show him the way, hence he fixed it.

The dutch guy was crazy too. Wimp william is his name. He wrote me a song that night and here how’s it goes;

“ Nameste Motherfucker!
Blow job is great
Peter is fucking great
And tonight he has a date
With the A30 mate (that suspicious shorty, red-hair gay)”

Alp the turkish guy like I say is always cool. That night we chatted quite a lot and we shared so much interest in our taste in musics. I mean how often can you meet someone who has been to Metallica, Suede, Kula Shaker etc concert?? How often can you meet someone who listen to Ugly kid joe, Faith no more and those old school rock bands? I mean nowdays the kids are so sick that they only know about Linkin Park and HipHop only...How often can you meet someone that can debate and chat with you the evolution of Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Jimi Handrix, Black sabbath? Alp and Jos is one of those. We also share same taste in Jazz musics. He liked my Ernie Smith and he is going to lend me his collection of his Jazz collection when he travel to North India. (which is tomorrow).

Kek, if you read this, I wanna tell you that I miss the times when we talked non-stop about our passion of the evolution of Rock music. You are the Grandfather of rock, so, keep rockin!!!

All in all, the party was great and sentimental too. At the moment of writing this crap, Kaske already left and Michal is leaving Tuesday and Jos in a week or so. With the old batch gone, the new one, one by one is arriving thus everything will change. The tradition is, buy a Indian flag and let them sign or write a words of wisdom on it. Everybody has one including me.

The six-pack training with Rambo has taken place. We do this every other day and trust me it wasn’t easy. It was so fucking intense. So much dicipline required, so much that it remind me of my football training back in high school. I have to reduce my drinking habit (drink only in the weekend), reduce smoking (a 20 sticks for 2-3 days), smoking less shit ( smoke only on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, sometime once a week) which I complyed succesfully.

I also starting to record my daily financial expenditure. I am saving my ass for the GOA trip.

Apart of what has been written here, the rest of stuff are pretty repetitive and routine. I don’t want to blind you or misleading that all wonderful things happen in traineeship. It only happen in the weekend and during travelling or maybe public holidays. Only when you add up all, you will get a wonderful traineeship

The GOA trips has been reschedule to end of December. I am looking forward to meet the girl of my dream. We got our leaves reschedule in less than a minute. So, experiencing new year in a golden sand, beautiful beaches and bitches, beer and weed, lay down just do nothing will be the most looking forward thing to do. And with that I sign off and on behalf of crazy people here, we say: Namaste Mother fucker!!! ( Good day mother fucker!!!)

Saturday, November 27, 2004

I am the greatest snakepit

The time is 13:57 and I am in my office, Forbes Marshall. Here I am, the king of snake, pretending to be busy working on my “analysis comparison” but are typing my public diary instead. I don’t know why I always procascinating.

So far things has been so good to me. Although, work wise, my time schedule is still consider slow but progressing as other projects are slowly coming in now, to be plan and execute simultanously.

From this morning until now, I went to my “private room” twice already. The first time was for real business. You know...”real business” like dropping bomb and missiles on Nagasaki bowl.

The second time was for fake business, writing my business proposal in my sleep and followed by one chapter of Grisham’s “The Brethren”. This story is really interesting, so interesting that I can’t even put it down for more than an hour.

Man...if any of you manage to become a HR manager, please black list me in your recruitment program, as I am one of the greatest “snake”, from the snake temple, Penang island.

Last two day I finally met up with the Managing Director of the company. He looks nothing like an Indian. Dr Nausyed Forbes, son of Darius Forbes the founder and chairman. He is 44 years of age, he can be consider young for the top position. He is a smart and intelligent man and he is a regular speaker to Stamford University, USA, delivering various topics concerning steam engineering and boiling and etc.

He looks like mid eastern guy but he is a persian. His stlye is like mid-age guy, lawyer, one of Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend in Sex & the city which I can’t remember his name. Well, persian believe when the body die, it have to hang from the tree upside down, and let the bird eat the rest of the body so the soul could be set free in the afterlife. (sources from Omar the fucking rambo)

Anyway, Thomas and I presented our project to him for about 45 minutes, together with our boss and he suggested some keypoints to our ongoing project.

He made a mistake when he offered his chicken sandwich during the meet, thinking that we would never eat it but it was the other way around.

The dutch party I mentioned in my Hampi special diary was OK, nothing to boast about, partly because I was still suffered from the blues of the girls. But now the blues is subsiding.

We had about 40 sheshe and hehe combined. The dutch was great and needless to say I ate like a pig. They were cooking pasta and spaggeti but Dutch stlye. The orange flag was stick up to the high wall, tall and proud, with dutch musics in the air all night long. The music was not bad at all regardless, reggae or rock or HipHop, all were great.

I had copied them into 5 seperate CD. Among the band are Brain power (Rap/HipHop), Beef (Raggae) and Blof (Rock) and others. There is this group of Iranian chicks were there and one of them were freakingly gorgeous, look like supermodel which I didn’t get her name mainly because Thomas C1 was working on her. This was last Friday.

Saturday night was another so called dutch night. It was double birthday celebration of Dennis the Irish boyband lookalike and Christeen, both are dutch. What are the dutch doing?? Why are they everywhere and yet, the population is still marginal.

It was held in “Ola” the pub ten minutes away from my apartment. Jos the Nickelback, Nicholson, Thomas Germany, Omar Rambo, Michal and I walked there and in the midway, we stopped for a big dinner at “Burger King”. Of course it is fake one. Here apart from the BK, they also have “MashDonald” and “PizzaHot”, all serve great food, almost original with much cheaper price.

Before we reached Ola, we stopped at the shisha cafe, next to Ola for a round of Shisha. I really fall in love with the shisha cafe eventhough I must confess that I am not a good shisha smoker. What I like about was the ambience, the setting and the music they played. It somehow make you feels like you are in Cuba or mexico cafe. They play only Cuban and Latino jazz songs. Even the DJ / bartender looks like Fidel Caestro.

The Saturday night birthday party was just OK. I don’t know why everything is just OK for me these days, maybe it was a sign that age is catching up with me and I no longer have the strong bone to sustain my crazy movement? Maybe...I say maybe.

A lots of people were there, mostly known and some unknown. The Iranian chicks were there as well but I didn’t talk to them as they were with group of Iranian superhero which most of them looks like the actors from Venezeula’s soap opera show.

Now is 1434 and I am still typing and occasionally change to my excel sheet whenever my boss come around. You may say I am a fucker but I don’t care as long as what demanded of me is delivered and I am in the midst of delivering, but not yet, for now:)

The end of Diwali means the beginning of real winter. The weather is getting really cold at night, starting from 6pm all the way till morning 9am. The daytime is the same like us. But the night time really freakingly cold. Yesterday was 15 degree and will go down to 5 degree during the peak. Who will know India can go even colder than Malaysia’s Genting?

I know the degree is peanut compare to EU countries or the US of A but comparing to Malaysia, it is definitely much colder than Genting. So cold that my lips still dry and occasionally pealing off and today my skin is also pealing off like a snake change its skin.

Yesterday a new trainee from Holland has arrived. And again, what a chick? The boys were making sexual jokes on her the moment she left us for bedtime. Haha....but she’s a cool girl. And she’s adapting very well. She is going to stay in my apartment.

This Omar the Rambo really funny and always proud of his “big” little Johnny. His habit is always flapping his little Johnny until it get really “motivated” and being proud of it. He favourite question is “Do you wanna suck my dick tonight?” with his cunning chuckle... what a fucking sicko....Trust me, all my life I have never see the size of little Johnny as big and long as those in my VCD or those of black one.

We spoke to our boss about our foreseeable trip to GOA islands next month and he was very supportive. But we told him it was a cultural trip on India and the destination haven’t been confirm yet. So we will have our leaves as long as we plan our schedule well.

This morning in company’s canteen, Omar, Thomas and I were having breakfast as usual and Omar the Rambo suddenly brought up “a real guys talk”, a talk that most of the guy won’t talk or share when with grilfriends. It was a talk of all the girls we ever met or saw from all the parties, workplace, visitors, trainees, Mumbai, Hampi etc, on whether are they fuckable or not, if given choice to fuck for free without any post-responsibility (the famous question in high school)??

It was funny and we laugh while drinking tea and eating egg scramble as we went through one by one, some remember not by name but by other criteria namely places, height color weight, hair etc.

Of all the 20 to 30 over candidates, only 5 are not fuckable. So there it goes, the real guy talk before our work started. But friends remain friends, and something never go away, the habit of boys cracking out crude guys talk, eventhough no offence or hatred intended to all of our girlfriends here or friend related to the girls.

You will understand what this jokes means if you watch the 2 times Emmy award winning, Ray Romano’s “Everybody loves Raymond”

Any of the boys who say they never commit such crime are surely a liar under the hot sun and in broad daylight, a man that lies through his teeth and live life with full of hyprocrisy. That’s one man’s opinion.

As for tonight, all the A20 residents and friends are invited to a private party by Patrick, another German guy who work for a car company; Daimler something, in his house. Tomorrow is a big farewell party for Michal the polish, kaske and yoshke the Japanese, Josh the Nickelback and Hendreanekka the Jimi Hendrix. These trainees will be leaving Pune for good, some going back to work and some to complete their study. I think Laura, the beautiful Laura will be coming. One of the visit that I have been waiting so long:)

Now is 1455 and I think I wanna sign off and I need to do my project analysis. Till then,

Love and regards,


Thursday, November 25, 2004

The thought of yesteryears

Written by Peter Ooi

Born into the world
Live your life in a wasted place
Nobody care, only the dust, the dirt and the smoke
Yet still, millions of people watching
Your growing up

Sympathy is not what you want
Education is not what you need
Gold and silver is not what you search
But love is…
Love is what you want, need and desire

Growing up breathing the polluted air
Growing up bathing in the dirty river
Growing up running around barefooted
Sometime half naked, yet always unprotected
Not knowing you are knocking at death door

Now as one fine man, living life luxuriously
Thinking to yourself
Of how you can even get here

It must have been those happy days
Where you and few kids from the neighborhood
Build and shaped the love and friendship
That deserted all sadness and misery
That torches the light to a bright futureAnd along the journey, all way till today

A Gay in our life (A tribute to shorty)

Written by Peter Ooi

I see him almost everyday
He comes knocking on my door
Come into my house, uninvited

He’s short, cubby, and always smiley
He has a red-hair too
Seating on my couch
Walking around the house
Wishing everyones

“Hello how are you”
In his own draggy sweet little tone

He talks to you so softly
He speaks to you so gently
He stares at you so lovely

He shook your hand
Like the people of British
Kiss the hand of Her Majesty
So soft yet so tender

And now he’s a joke
The jokes of the house
The jokes of Briyani rice in his ass
And on our penis too
The jokes of us boys seducing each other
With the thought of his face
Still crystal clear in our head

Now everybody bitch about him like a celebrity
As our favorite pastime
And to kill our strange boredom too…

But the question remain unanswered
Is he Gay??

The truth is out there

I guess this is a story ofA gay in our life.

My Own World

Written by Peter Ooi

An unordinary man
Living in an ordinary world
Surrounded by the big city life

Seating there, in the dark, secluded
Down the little smelly street
The can is your pillow
The floor is your mattress
The paper is your blanket
Rubbish and other unwanted goods everywhere
Smell of human and animal’s shit in the air

Observing in silent, laughing in mystery
Thinking in your own thought
About the thousands of people
That walk passes you. Each and every day
And yet, didn’t notice you were there
Or they simply don’t care
For you are worse than the dogs and the cats
In their pair of flashy eyes

They should have cry for you, but they didn’t
Instead, you cry for them
For their miserable sad and pathetic life
A life where every roads is destination
A life where dollar is king
And wealth and fortune is God

Man busily rushing
To be lonely at the top
Women are equally fast too
Just to prove the modern meaning of feminism

But all of that don’t bother you
For you are living on your own
With friends, God and ghost
That never exists but only in you
In your own world
And for that…You’re happier than they are

People around you

People around you

Written by Peter Ooi

He is Kaske, the Nippon, the first friend I ever met here
He is Michal, the polish who almost got me into brawl
With a rickshaw driver, turn out to be one of my closest friend
His name is Thomas, one of many post Hitler germans,
Who looks like a Germany football hooligan, but a straight, funny guy
And then came along Bernard, often dubbed as Jack Nicholson
Always with his strange peculiarity, that everybody love to hate

His name is Jos, the Nickelback vocalist look-alike,
From the land where all illegalities are simply legal
From the same land are big momma, who seems to know everything
Her name is Hendreanekka
She is Stefani, a cool girl dancing every single moment,
From the land that call Austria, a country of “no kangaroo”
And let’s not forget, the love of life, Gokce the Turkish girl,
Where the boys had long anticipated her presense
But came uninvited, and left unexpectedly

In between such crazy moment
There is Gidena, a German girl who looks like Gytneth Patrow
Who seems like a lover to me
And the last ride in,Omar the fucking Rambo,
from the land where one of the seven wonders were build
The pyramid; also known as “A Fucking pyramid”

It’s amazing that this group of people
With total differences in color, thinking and attitudes
Who all their lives live in a different surrounding
With different upbringing
Brought together by one similar cause
All in the name of cultural understanding

And it’s amazing that…We can live together
Like friends and family

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Morning has broken

written by Peter Ooi

Dark view, grey dream
Cold night, and yet naked
Lips numb, itch and burn
Full of complexity

Bell rang, open thy eyes
Looking straight up
To a white ceiling
Expecting other, other came
Uninvited, just like a dream

Lucia Lucia Lucia
My morning has broken
By the presence of you
Seeking help desperately
Like angel without wings

Hugs and kisses, welcome and hello
Talking and listening, listening and talking
Help and goodwill I gave
Sacrifices the beautiful morning, golden nap
Just for you, to be with another man…

A serendipity song

written by Peter Ooi

Here she come now
Staring at me
As if look could kill
A smile so sweet
And a look so gergeous

Feeling like…
Wanna touch her
Wanna stroke her hair and kiss her gently
Touch her, romance her
And breathing into her

Sigh and mourn
A sudden whisper
``I love you``

And I wanna make love to you
Under a thousand smiling stars
Surrounded by the beauty of the bluest night

Roll a joint
Smoke one and two
Beers flowing like the river of love
To the river of our blood
We go high and high
Of mary jane

We laugh we talk at nothing
In our own dreamland, our own world
Endless space and no boundaries
Everything was so serene, and virgin too
The serendipity relationship was born

So fragile, so innocent yet so sinful
But we are young and we are free
Blame not to all, but you and me

But when the sun hit the sky, so gloriously
It seems like a mid summer morning
Open thy eyes and we part like we never met
Like a perfect stanger

A feeling so wonderful yet so sour
For what must be a one night affair
A night made in heaven
End by the bites of reality

But I could never ask for more
For a night with you worth
An eternity without you



written by Peter

Time had passed you by
Seasons has changed many times
You had growned up to be a man

Time has come, for you to leave
Your comfort zone, to another land
Here you come, dumbfounded with suprises
Culturally shock but life goes on

I know it´s hard for you
To be a young boy's soul
Caught in a body
Of a one fine man

Mama and papa is faraway
You wanna run, but you can´t hide
You wanna break down, but don´t know who to turn to
You wanna live, but it´s impossible
For deep inside you
You are shivering

Cry baby cry, cry all you want
Coz this will be your one last time
Difficult it may seems
Sickness, illness and tough world
Strike you like hurricane
You know you have to live, and be strong
But what have you done?

You act like you deserve all things
You act like everybody is owing you something
You think everybody have to give in
To your sissiness and pettiness

But we say
The world owe me to fuck you!

Note: Though we often not get along together as housemate especially over small and petty thing like volume of radio, the marijuana plant, the party, the light, the kitchen, the hygiene part etc but I respect Bernard as a friend. I do acknowledge that we are different from where we comes from and it was the differences that makes us didn't get along, as a housemate. Anyway, as a friend and as a person, Bernard is a nice man and he have a heart and I am sure if I fall he will pick me up and dust me off, likewise I will do the same for him too.

The Journey thus far

The Journey thus far

Written by Peter

I thought I know all about India
But I was wrong
For when I reach where I was heading
The roads still long and winding

Three weeks has passed
And still feeling like a newborn baby
Into this world
Limitation in eyes movement
Discovering so much things
Yet still so little

Every passing second and every running minute
I discover myself a new amazing experience
That is hard to describe by words
Every little thing is simply marvellous
That never stops to amaze you

The cows, the goats and the pigs
The people and the places
And everything else in between
Make one side of me
Wanting to discover more
And the other side
Begin to appreciate my homeland
But never miss
Not a second to feel homesick
Just grow stronger

I live to discover the past
To understand the present
Never a second feeling regret
For what I am doing now
I will feel bless forever…

Friend (Thanks for the love and everything)

Friend (Thanks for the love and everything)

written by Peter Ooi

The moment I shook your hand
I never thought of knowing you
Better and closer

In short span of time
Our friendship grew
through the days
to be special kind of something

Whenever we together
Through spoken and unspoken words
Spark a strong connectivity

Between you and me
There is a flame
We had to care and love
For each other

Holding your hand, hugging your beautiful body
Full of happy moment
Whenever I am with you

I love it when you say na na na
I love it when you sing la la la
I love the way you walk
I love the way you smile
I love the way laugh
I love it when you touch my face in the morning
I love it when you put your head on my shoulder
I love it when you hold my hand, and walk with me
And I also love your charisma and attitude too…

I wish you could stay for a little longer
But the time has come
For you to go

I promise I will cherish every moment spent with you
And I will remember you always
For this is not the end
But just the beginning

Promises (The unexpected dream)

Promises (The unexpected dream)

written by Peter Ooi

Dark sky, freezing cold air
Rain drop, start to fall
From the beautiful sky

Promises I made is a words I live
Promises broken is unforgiven
Promises stand is what I am
Eventhough heaven may fall
And hell may freeze over

Amid the ever sickening traffic
Muddy water, holes and heavy downpour
Here I am, a gentleman stood by the words he gave
To the girl he love

Together we cruise down the dirty little street
Soaked and wet, but that doesn´t matter

A feeling never die
But growing stronger every minutes every second
The street is long but yet seems short
She´s so close yet so far
I can only smile and imagine

It feels like the street lking it are empty
Only the two of us
Endless conversation
But jive talking it seems
But does it matter?

Grab her arm and pull her by my side
Save her life in the nick of time
Cross the road, holding hand
A feeling so lovely, so wonderful
Eventhough it was a brief moment

Roll a joint, one and two
Together we were high
Like John and yoko against the world
Oh how I wish we could be together

But I will wait, for future is unpredictable,
Maybe God may grant me
The unexpected dream

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Hard to find a words

A song written by Tom Keiffer, lead vocallist of Cinderella

Mama sometimes i feel inside
There's nothing i can say
Nothing i can do
Could ever match the love you gave
You taught me how to live
Told me walk before you run
And you were always there to pick me up
Everytime i'd have a fall
And mama i know there's been times
When i didn't always understrand
By and by we do some growing up
And it makes just a little more sense
But sometimes it's hard to find the words
But i'll do the best that i can
Thank you for the love mama
It's what made this boy a man

I know the road's been long
And i know you've seen some rain
Making the best of what we hadI never heard you complain
When i look in the mirror todayWondering could i be as strong

Could i give as much to someone else
As you gave to your son
And mama i know there's been times
When we didn't see eye to eyeBy and by we do some growing up
And we understand the reasons why
But sometimes it's hard to find the words
But i'll do the best i can
Thank you for the love mama
It's what made this boy a man,
Many years have gone by
And i've been living them the best i can
And mama i know there's been times
When i didn't always understand
By and by we do some growing up
And it makes just a little more sense
But sometimes it's hard to find the words
But i'll do the best i can
Thank you for the love mama
It's what made this boy a man, yea

taken from a album, still climbing, one of my all time favourite album.

Note: This song is dedicated to my mother. The lot of things I had done and will do for her in this lifetime can never match the thing she ever does for me.

The road still long

Growing up as a young boy
Sometimes can be rough
At six years old i was thinkin
'Seven would be just enough
But i was wrong
i was wrong
Ten years old and i'm growin
'Thinkin' i got it sussed
Mama said you'll be a fine young man
I thought i already wasBut i was wrong
i was wrong
Cause when you get where you're going
The road's still long
Eighteen years i'm a rebel
Thinkin' i'm pretty tough
Daddy said you got a lot to learn
I thought that i'd learned enough
But i was wrong
i was wrong
Twenty-five was a good time
Comin' into my own
Climbed the mountain
And i reached for the sky
I thought that i had it all
But i was wrong
i was wrong

Cause when you get where you're going
The road's still long

They all try to tell you
But who are they to say
Cause the best things that you learn
You find out on your way
No time for feelin' sorry
Just time for being strong
When you get where your going
The road's still long

Now i see where i come from
Now i see where i am
Now i see that you never really know
So you just gotta do the best you can
And that ain't wrong
Cause when you get where you're going
The road's still long

This is a song written by Tom Kiefel, Cinderella-from the album "Still Climbing"

I love this song as it reflects my life journey, very inspiring indeed.

All apologies

Dear Baba (friends)

I will like to take this opportunity to offer my generous apologies to all the people I mentioned or intentionally or unintentionally cursed at, in my blog.

First, though it may seems like a swear or curse, please note that it wasn't meant to be that way. Please take it as the way I try to add fun and liven up the characters (you Pune people) by associating with things or events or famous persons (it can be bad characters from a movie or whatever) so it can be easily relate to especially my friends back home)

I understand how words can hurts people. I do, this is because words doesn't have a feeling, people do. I might be typing it as a jokes or just to add spice for the readers or just simply wanna entertain, but readers which name got mentioned may be offended. For that it it happen, please accept my sincere apology, it wasn't meant to be that way. You're all beautiful people.

I may be judgemental at time but not all the time. My thought on people didn't turn out to be always right. Some people turn out to be a very good friend although at the earlier stage, you think otherwise or cursing like hell...

What have been felt or thought at particular time may be correct or incorrect. So don't worry because you will tell if someone is really your friend or not regardless what he or she may say in the past.

So, again, to those who may had offended in my writing, either by words or calling, sorry, it never means to be that way.

Anyway, you know who you are to me and how I treat people...I love you all



Sunday, November 07, 2004

A20's balcony story

hey people,

Today is the 16th day of me in pune and I am now a certified bastard son who will will never miss home whenever he go. Honestly, up to today, there is no sign of homesick whatsoever in me. I am living here just like I am living life every other day. Life is getting interesting.

For the past one week, Thomas and I went through departmental orientation, meeting every departmental bosses, to acquire knowledge about how every department runs their operation. But for thursday and friday, we just plainly redundant by doing nothing since the two bosses we are scheduled to meet have to travel outstation.

Although I didn't manage to go to Turkey for a traineeship but Turkey came to me

Gocke, the gorgeous turkish girl, my apartment mate and another turkist friend, Arp, they are simply the coolest and the best.

Gocke, how can I not write about her man....I can feel the chemistry in the air already...the other day, we team up to cook together for the rest of the apartment people (5 altogether ). She cooked a turkist soup (mercimek corbasi) and me on the other hand was the main chef. I fried noodles with slices of cili padi, onions, tomato and scramble eggs and gosh, it was fantastic...shit ...I am soo good...Dinner was great. Everybody praised my cooking and demanded me to cook again which I did it again the day after which continental fried rice with scramble eggs, slices of tomato, onions, garlic, masala, cili padi etc.

I even did the dishes and clean the kitchen eventhough we have a maid to take care of it. Man...this simply remind me of my time with Checkers restaurent.

After the dinner, turkish girl and I started to roll a joints and with beers, we proceeded to the A20 balcony.

She got the joint from Goa

Getting high, just the two of us, was great. The feeling was so good and we talked through the night. Morning after, I helped her settle down by fixing the cupboard and the bed and I didn't know I can be a carpenter too, ...shit!! I am good:)

She gave me the the turkist eye stone, which tied to your wrist with a leather string, which meant to protect you from the bad things and jealousy. Pekyen, do you have any idea about this??

Smoking joint with her was really great and the night seems endless. Fuck we were aeroplane in the air. I flipped through her CD collection and fuck, it is all stoner motivated and inspired legendary superstar like Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead etc. But she's quitting her traineeship and I am afraid she will be leaving us.

Oh Adrain geh....everytime I got high, I will surely think of you

Not all housemate are clickable. There is this guy from Germany, his name is Bernard. He is strange with his peculiar attitude. All the trainee community , which including me, always bitch about his peculiarity behavior. He strange behavior is just like Jack Nicholson in the movie "As good as it get".

Then there is Dutch girl name Hendrieneke, I call her Jimi hendrix, not because she have any resemblence at all to the guitar maestro but simply because it is easy for me to call her. She's the most senior and always think she is smarter than every ones. She is the one that with the house rules and stuff but no one really give a damn to her:) Let's move on.

There is so many travelling trips and I am saving my ass really hard. Most of the time, I will prepare breakfast and dinner myself. My usual bfast is cornflakes with fresh cowmilk, mix with benana slices and honey, fried & scramble eggs with toast bread, butter and marmalade. Dinner are fried stuff but when lazy just toast bread and fried eggs.

I am saddened by Kerry's lost in the presidential election. I actually anticipated Kerry to beat the Republican idiotic Bush but I guess the Americans knows better. In India, most of the Indians including the magazines, government and the public are all in favor of Bush. They jubiliated for Bush victory. But as for trainees I met, whether in Pune or Mumbai, including the Nathan, are in favour and are supporting Kerry and we all loathed Bush and his global approach and foreign policies. I finally found out why the Indians are in favour for the Republican, because the republican are assisting and supporting their nuclear programs against Pakistan as well as financing the development of India.

Thomas, Dawson and I went to Mumbai on friday's night with bus. It tooks us about 4 hours but the journey was really great. It was very cold and we were freezing. We met up with Gabielle and Alexia in one of the happening pub, provogue lounge. We partied until 4am and grab a train from Dadar station to Santa Cruz station. The train was really shitty and fuck-up but worth experience it, after all what is coming to India without taking the train ride. Mumbai...the city never sleep. It was so funny that we were waiting for the train and clearly, there was very few people in the station becoz it was in the middle of the night. we tought we gonna have the best ride home but shit, once the train sounding horn from afar, hundreds of people suddenly rush out from nowhere and jumped and hooked on the still-stopping train, leaved us dumbfounded.

Daytime train ride was even thousand time worst. So fucking many people for that miserable fucking little place. I was being push here and there and yet unmovable. So fucking smelly. The train station is soo huge that people can builds their own slump houses. People rushing people peeing people shitting are common and of coz stray dogs are everywhere. A day in mumbai is like a day in overcrowded hell. But anyway, It was all worth it and sad to say, we only experience "dust in the air" of mumbai only. We will surely go back for more.

In mumbai we stayed in one of the trainee's house. His name is Alexia from Belarus. Again, I must confess my ignorance and stupidity because I don't think I know about this country then, but now I know:) I thought it was somewhere near Russia. Even though he was suppose to be unhappy about it (political reason) but due to my ignorance he pretty understand it. In fact most people said the same thing to him especially the local Indians, they thought Belarus is somewhere or part of Russia.

He of couse provided the best hospitality to us.

I was suppose to stay until mid Sunday for a Mumbai-trainee saturday house party but we were too tired and we decided to get back to Pune day earlier.

People, this mail is still gonna be long. I think you should come back for more. Because after this email, I won't be able to on line for at least 1 week. It is all because of my south India (hampi) trip. Yes, it is all fixed and we will be going for a 15 hours roadtrip to hampi. We hire a van to drive us there. The whole trip will be from wednesday to sunday which all of us will be off for deepavali celebration.

Yesterday night was cool. We hung out in our A20 balcony. We light up few candles and the whole surrounding like people lighting a vigil light for mother teresa. And of course being a guy with all the CDs, I am again, the self elected DJ in the house.

With me, you will never miss Eric clapton's blues, U2, InXS, styx, Bob Marley, Jimi hendrix etc.

It was really great. The weather was cold, and we bought 2 box of Kingfisher's beer (india's leading beer) and 3 bottle of wine. No weed for that night, we were completely clean. We hung out quite late and we woke up to organize a sunday breakfast festival. But this time is not in A20 anymore, we did it in C1, another trainee apartment. It was fun. But this time I didn't do or help in preparing, just rest my ass and eating like a pig.

Toast breads, masala scramble eggs, butter and cheese and marmalade, yogurt and fresh milk and fruit salad. It was really great. Hendrix did most of the part, so I am in no liberty to curse at her after this:)

Sunday was relaxing. About 15 of us including the Magda and Martin from bostwana went or a motorbike trip to a snake and mini zoo. The zoo was big. Of course it was not the zoo that excite us but rather, it was the motorbike helmetless riding that excite us.

In India, motorbiker are not require to wear helmet unless you love your fucking head which they are not. I went on the bike with mama Hendrieneka. The traffic in India is completely shocking and amazing. The bigger size and louder you are, you rules!!!There is no rules, everybody drive their way and turn whenever they like...

The zoo was huge. Apart from hoohaa with the animals such as crocs, leopard, bears, snakes and yang sewaktu dengannya, we went for the boat ride. The lake was huge and beautiful. Took a few photos and lots more on their digicam.

If you don't know, I also pick up writing a diary for myself. I started it day before leaving for Pune and until now, suprisingly, the flame of writing still burning. Apart from my diary, all emails to you people are also part of my journal, so bear with me sometime especially when I mention names that is not matter to you.

16 days and still counting and I completed Jeffrey archer's "not a penny more, not a penny less" and "The prison diary" and tomorrow, I will start another of Archer's classic, "Shall we tell the president" which I brought it in mumbai for about RM5, original wan....

I just wish Archer will write again because I think I almost read all his collection already except for "Matter of Honour".

So here I am. In Pune, writing my daily craps to you. I think traineeship wil be one of the greatest thing ever happen to me. Sometime I ponder to myself, am I really in Pune doing traineeship or am I just dreaming. It was a real dream come true for me. Talking bout regret, I don't think I will ever regret this decision even though my traineeship to Turkey and Eastern Europe didn't wotk out as I want it to be. I guess, it didn't really matter where you go or what you do, you will have the best time of your life if you have great surrounding and great people with you. India is great and Pune is wordless. Simply amazing.

I dreamt of Yik Hun yesterday, travelling with me around india, talking and talking and also showing his skills in tour guiding me. Fuck!!Of all the people, I dreamt of this petpet!!! I mean it should be the Turkish girl at least....

I guess God gave a sign, that Yikhun, you are destined to travel with me in India:)

I am really excited about the South India hampi roadtrip. I cant wait anymore, to see the ancient civilisation's building and temples leftover, the mountain and river and all. Also not to forget, getting stone with the turkish girl amid the beauty of natures:) I will write more when the trip is complete.

Coming December, We might be travelling to GOA. It is a island, a beautiful one and one of the top touristy island in India. It is similar to Phuket, but I think bigger. I am going for broke really, but as for now I have to survive and keep saving, so I can go for more trips. One thing for sure, when everything is over, I will be back home jobless and penniless and if you ask me later, would I be regret, I guess I won't. This is a one of the fucking lifetime opportunity and the best time to do in at the prime of your youth. So any of you still thinking about traineeship, trust me, it worth more than all your obstacles and challenges you may go through, just for a traineeship.

There is a MT traineeship in Pune, if you are interested, email me.

Weihan, one of my freind here is a current Japanese MC. His name is Yoshke. He said he know you and the fat/short MCP:)

Anyway, it is one and half hour I have been nonstopping typing oledi....So i guess tis is a call from me. See you in a week.

love and regards,