Saturday, February 24, 2007

Photofest (East Malaysia Sabah borneo)

Nice shot isn't? that's mine! - just an amatuer photographer

Still my shot

At the peak of mt.kinabalu

Sabah Trip (East Malaysia Borneo)

23 February 2007

Hello my name is Peter and I was dead since September 13th 2006, which was the exact date of the last post, the stupid so called innocent love story.

Now I live again, well, not exactly but what the heck, what's the different?
Anyway, lots had happen during the time I was dead, the black-out era. Everytime when I was about to pen something on this blog or inspire sort of, my effort surely killed by the world's biggest of mass destruction; thy name is procrastination. Once it's launched, the aftermath is even greater, thy name is laziness.

I wanted to write those stuff but I kind of losing steam, from my breakaway trip to East Malaysia borneo, which I climb the highest peak of South East Asia to seeing God clapton live in concert in Singapore. Please excuse my blasphemous remark.
So I was dead? what does that mean? It meant I was tied up with work and travel, so much of that that my blog loses its priority.

OK, to cut the long story short, I will just post up some new photos- hopefully it's sufficient to silence the critics alike.

I will try again to keep the fire of this blog to the building, the wings of this blog on the bird and the alcohol of this blog to the wine, let's cross everything and may my wishes come true!

Halfway to Mount Kinabalu