Saturday, October 30, 2004


Dance Rehearsal

Hey people

I am now at the final stage of my first research project which on the feasibility and mechanism of selling steam engines in Malaysia and SEA before moving to the second phase. On Monday, I will need to do presentation to the CEO.

Before I start my work, let me write something to entertain you people that have nothing to do other than reading forwarded mails, at least you can go around and be proud that actually you do too, have a real emails:) My apartment is getting crowded and trainees is keep coming in non-stop. What a fucking foreigners!....or fucking tourist!...

There was a birthday party last two day and gosh!! so many people there, all from different counties and different regions, about 20 of us. The best part is I met two African guy who looked like one of the characters in Steven Spielberg’s movie; "Amistad".

The shock things is I never heard of where they come from. I mean I know country like Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and even Bukinafaso but this 2 bros are from Botswana. Botswana what?? And even embarrassing, they know about Malaysia, Langkawi, lim kok wing etc....

Maybe I am stupid, I dunno, what a stupid fucking tourist.... In the party, there is ppl from Turkey, Poland, Germany etc. There is this American guy (Nathan) who talk really loud and at time I felt like I really wanna taruh him kaukau....but it's OK, he's really a friendly guy from Memphis.

Yesterday I went to a dancing class to see the rehearsal of Halloween party's bollywood dance. Group of trainees are being profesionally trained for tomorrow's Halloween party. Occasionally I did join in for the fun of it but most of the time I just keep observing the magical steps, and stole some of the moves, so I can implement it when back to malaysia's clubs.

The professional trainer was really talented, and he move like a boneless "macha". He's not bad and for bollywood standard, he can be consider lady-killer. The song we did was "Dhoom Machale" from the movie, Dhoom. The dance step are combination of bollywood, hiphop and bangla dance step. my first time to experience bollywood dance class. Talking about square dance?? Nowhere near it.

It is so funny that to see a Dutch, a Japanese, a Colombian, Austrian, Polish, German, British grouped together to perform a bollywood dance. The Colombian chick, her name is Natalia (natalie) is hots! She reminds me of one of the Spanish P actress from one of theVCD I brought from Penang road. And the main dance star, Magda, from poland, she is gorgeous and when she dance, you don't even realize that you were actually watching her dance already. Honestly, I am not exaggerating. She looks like a barbie. She is Michal's ex-fiancee (my Polish friend who almost got me into fight). Now I know why Michal is soo piss off...

Barbie doll came here 6 mth earlier before Michal and coincidentally Michal got a traineeship here after that. She called off the engagement. He didn't tell me why and worse still, the traineeship promised went wrong and he was jobless for bout 3 month and everything just went wrong. Michal is a good guy and all the trainees like him and pity him as well. That’s why he is leaving. Anyway, he just got one supermodel Iranian chick from yesterday's party.

Today, another German will be arriving and later, a Mexican trainee and a Turkish girl will also be arriving too...Monday, a Egyptian guy will come too....and for the mth of December, another batch 10 of trainees will come. With the old batch going off soon, Thomas and I gonna be the entire new generation of trainee in pune.

Thats all, I am looking forwars to tonight's farewell party for Slyvia, which I haven't met and for tomorrow's halloween party. I am wearing like English football hooligan!! Some special guest to the Halloween party are DJ Shaggy and PPPP (Pune progressive party people), which the bunch of trainees that will be performing "dhoom machale". I might be going for travelling next Thursday to Sunday to south central of India, Hampi. 15 hours van- ride from pune, 600km to be exact. I am saving hard everyday for travelling. Let’s pray that boss will grant us holiday, which should be quite likely. I will tell you more once I come back from Hampi. In the meantime, you guys chill, rite??

OK I am signing out!

love n rgds, Peter

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I am still alive

Photo: Me near the rubbish area, back alley

Hey people,

Allow me to start my email with my hokkien powerword, "lei ma chau cibai khi ho bei kan..." OK, don't get too offensive. Long time didn't say this already ma....

Anyway, I am doing fine here, I haven't have any signal of homesick desease yet. Day by day I am going stronger.

2 days ago, I made my first cooking since I arrived in Pune. With MAGGI, I cooked and fried "Yong Chow fried rice and "Nasi Goreng kampung" and "Tomyam soup".

Kaske (The Japanese), Michal (The Polish) and Thomas (The German) like it very much and personally I like it too. Why I never think of opening a restaurent back home?? lei ma leh...

Yesterday was pretty exhausting and tiring. Thomas and I went for a daytrip in Pune city with a hired bus driver. The bus driver and tour guide took us to many historical places and we took lots of photos with some of my camera while lots taken on thomas's Digital camera.

First 2-3 hours was great la...but after a while, we get a bit boring coz they keep show us the temples and museums. we were actually hoping we could stop by a river, mountain but they never did. Some of the memorable places are Mahatma Gandhi's house where he breathed his one last breath during his internment. There is a status of Gandhi with his wife and one dying miderable real dog outside the statue.
Another place is Shivaji palace. With golden statue and canon and big and high wall. Smack in between the city.

There is one thing about india is, there is no traffic regulation. Everybody drive like mad dog running around and they press the honk as much as they press the peddle. So, crossing a road is like mission impossible and joing fear factor because all machines are coming towards you like motorbike, trichshaw, bicycle, cars, lorry and begger.

Yesterday, new trainee from holland arrived. His name is Dennis. He looks like a typhical pretty boy from one of the irish boy band who copying everybody's songs. Then today another germany trainee came, his name is bernard. Finally, there is a german who actually have other name other than thomas and michal..

I officially started work on tuesday but the CEO was kind enough to grant us for one week paid holidays. We just need to go to interner cafe (claimable) to do a research on the feasibility of penetrating their products to Malaysia or SEA markets as well as the industry in the said country/region.

We are all looking forward to this sunday coz there will be a halloween party, organize by one of the ex trainee, from ukraine. We need to go and buy some paint or mask or costume for the occasion. I am talking bout the real halloween party, not our malaysia type; you know....go to disco and swallow ecstacy and get drunk.....

Man...the pune chicks are really gorgeous. They looks like they are from the bollywood. Not only Michal but I think I too, get horny sometime. Well, maybe we could go and get fuck or be fuck at the halloween party. If cannot get bollywood chick, trainee also jadi la....coz the trainee here, almost all of them are superbabes. Same as the male trainee, if you are girl, I think you would gladly offer your private things to him anytime without taking rupees. hehehehe

I like my apartment especially the balcony. Do you remember the coke's advertisement where it feature OAG jamming on the roofless top balcony, kind of like that and the sky at the current season looks really fine for smoke and beer and chatting every night. To be truth, sometime can be very boring thus the famous tagline: "what to do now"...

Apart from the usual balcony hangout, I did quite lots of reading every now and then. If Malaysia got all the latest imitation VCD/DVD, then in India not only that, they got all the imitation of latest and classics novels, books and biography. I brought quite lots of John Grisham and Jeffrey Archer's books. "Not a penny more, not a penny less" and "The prison diary" cost me for about RM 9 and JACK W. the ex GE boss biography, I spent for RM 8.

Enough said, I gotto sign off and start my research work!! Have a nice Malaysia. I think im doing OK without charkoayteow!!

love n regards,

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Oliver & Gabrielle from Mumbai

Gabrielle & Me: Koregeon Park
Osho International: The Meditation & Spiritual Center

Hi people,

Okay, here another entry:-

Yesterday and today was great. By the way the Polish guy's name is Michal....he is really a cool and nice guy. We talked a lot and the main reason he was so piss off with the Indian was because he had a very bad traineeship experience even up to the end of his traineeship. (his case was brought to AIESEC international). Michal and I smoke the same cigarette brand. Yesterday, we were playing Ping- Pong in the house, together with one Macha.

I met Doris, german. She work as international EB in @Pune. She's cool as well. Then there is this guy from Germany as well, his name is Thomas. Yeah...he talked a lots and we really had a great time. He was an ex army.

Yesterday two trainee from Mumbai came to Pune and we had fun hanging in our flat's huge and roofless balcony and we smoke weed. It was really great, we did that for a few round and we had a conversation, a funny one and sometime serious one till 5am. One are from Mexico, her name is Gabielle, and the other from Austria, his name is Oliver.

This oliver guy is extremely funny. He can beat David Letterman anytime. He did most of the talking most of time. He is really good in imitating people, sounds from everything to anything.

My flat is quite cool, it is like Pantai Hillpark standard in pune. In the balcony, Michal has a baby plant; a marijuana plant. It is 2 mth old and maybe 4 month down the road, we can start to smell it....

Today, the new German trainee, his name is also Thomas (Anders) arrived. He looks like an English football hooligan but he is cool and soft spoken. Together with Michal, Gabrielle, Thomas and Oliver, we went for breakfast in a bakery shop. Then Gabrielle, Oliver and I proceeded to Osho International and garden park, where there are lots of meditatator from all around the world. It's crazy is like a modern day Kek lok si temple. The teaching is more on spiritual and peace of mind through meditation.

The Pune street where im living is still consider OK compare to mumbai or pune town. Lots of people here. Some bagging to the core, some simple sleeping on the street. Michal told me to be strong, so that I dun give any penny, coz once i do, I will end up broke like them:)

There is lots of thing to tell but yet little time to type....I just type out whatever that in my head....

Thats all.

rgds and love,

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Hello India

Namaste!!! Before I starts to write, I just wanna say thanks for the steamboat dinner and those who sent me off at Sentral, sms-ed all kind of wishes and messages, telephone calling, THANK YOU!! Your wishes will keep me alive and kicking.

I arrived in Mumbai around 1015 local time. Malaysia time is approximately 2.5 hrs ahead. The local Aiesecer hired a private taxi to fetched me to Pune. The distance is like penang to KL. But everything is cool here. IN's the beginning winter now hence the whether now is cold.

At night, it usually gets colder and according to the local, come December, the weather will probably go down to 10 degrees or so.

I am now staying in a trainee apartment where other trainees lived together. The first friend I met middle of the night is a Japanese which thus far share similar interest; X-Japan's music!!

But he's going for a homestay with india family now. I am now hanging around with Michal, a Polish guy. He is good, he shown me around town and kind of educating me about the locals...
Opposite my apartment, there is a restaurent name MELAKA restaurent but no one rarely go becoz very expensive. I was like what??? I thought it should be PENANG restaurent!!! no wander no ones really go there and dine.

In the trainee apartment, we have about 10 trainees. Mostly Europeans. Some of the housemates went for sight seeing. Will only get to meet them when they come back tomorrow.

The journey from mumbai to Pune via the taxi was great. I tried not to sleep. In the taxi, met two stranger who know about Malaysia, Singapore as much as I do. They go there quite regularly and speak a good and understandable English. The guy was good. while educating me about the locals and India, he even brought us a supper. I had my first local Veg noodles. Not bad actually...but of coz nothing can beat Penang char koay teow.

This morning I hung out with Michal, the Polish trainee. He kind of a good chap just that he is a little bit of piss off with the Indians, especially the street traders. Remember the Irish Luke, ya like Luke but maybe even worse. Just imagine an English football hooligan

Kannine! the bugger yelled at the annoyed trader and later apologise to me for his manners and almost got me into fight with the rickshaw driver. The bugger cursing at the rickshaw driver like fucking maggot and the rick driver goes "you sons of bastard" and grab his shirt and was stunned....not exactly stunned but trying to look cool, thinking that im watching a Bollywood scene!

I am starting my work on Tuesday. We are now waiting for another German trainee to start work together.
OK la....just a few lines to say I am good and are looking forward to a whole new discovery.

best rgds,