Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pink elephant (The dumbest song)

Written by Peter

Hey you!
I know you are not watching over me all night
Hey you!
I know so coz’ you ain’t there when I look around the room
Hey you!
You said you see me
But that ain’t true my eyes ain’t see you anywhere
Hey! Hey! Hey!
What you said was just not possible
Coz’ there ain’t any pink elephant
Eating up lemon pie
Hey me!
I know she knew it was a spooky lie
When I said I would be watching over her watching over me
Hey me!
Don’t be dumb
It was just a game of a child
Nobody is watching nobody doing nothing all night
You ain’t see me and I ain’t see you
No third eyes hanging on the roof
And no pink elephant swallowing up lemon pie
Why are we not acting our age?

You tel me...
Coz’ you were the one that started the silly game
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Negativity (Updated Version, July 2005)

Dear Blog-Army

This is an updated version. The song below, entitle "Negativity" is a song that I wrote some months ago. For those who knows me, and Christian- this song is about him, about his negativity. When I first published this song on my blog, some of you already mailed me to ask if it was about him. To those who asked, yes indeed, you were smart and sharp- it was about him. So, you ask, why out of the sudden rush, I re-post this song, complete with all the foreword jazz? It is because of my recent "controversial yet expected war" with Christian. This is not a close secret anymore and this is my blog. I think it is my duty to include detail about the war here.

The song was written and inspired by his sickening negatives attitudes and drives me and I believe almost everyone into great annoyance, irritating or sometime, exasperation. One of my friend (she’s a babe, swing…) shared the same feeling with me as she experience almost the same thing with this guy. She wanted me and encouraged me to mail him my song. I didn’t want to do it then but now I don’t care.

Few days ago, I sent the song to him but that was not the jazz that triggered the war. It was the enclosed email I wrote to him as a rebuttal to my proposition (please see the email after the song, posted up fresh, without any changes and unedited). I reckoned and admitted that my email was strictly blunt, bloody undiplomatic, straight to the point or like my Swedish friend would like to put: " Your email is like a shooting an enemy many times over with machine gun until the enemy dead on the ground and still, the shooting never stop" Paragraph by paragraph.

The email was intended for him and was not meant to be discussed, debate and need no further explanation. It was solely for him, to wake and shake him up to the real world, to the reality. I wrote that mail with clear conscious and offer no apology whatsoever, not now, not ever and not in this lifetime. Even as I am typing this, I still think it is a right thing to do. If I don’t do it, I know few people who gladly do it, either through words or verbal. Hence, my war with him received support and back-up from most people we both know especially those people who wanted to say the same thing to him. If you read on the mail (after the song), you will realize I wasn’t a evil- as Christian would like to put it, I was only playing the role of devil’s advocate. I was the bad guy with good intention. I want him to change but apparently as arrogant and egoistic as he always is, he failed to grasp the hidden message.

Instead of acting like a man, he choose to launch a war with me, smashed in the middle of the office. It was an ugly war and shone out the foolishness and weaknesses of both of us. And now we both act like a little girl- not talking to each other. I will talk to him for one last time, explaining the reason I wrote that email BUT if he still ignorance, then I am sorry for this dude. I was only playing the role of devil’s advocate.

After all, why should I care about him. I will not be seeing this guy again, most probably in this life once my traineeship is over. I couldn’t care less. All I want is for him to change and if he fail to see that, again…sorry dude, where’s my car??

This song and email is and never about other people, it was and is always about him and me. If your name is mentioned in the email, please take my apology in advance.

Sincerely yours,


Written by Peter

People are running, you are walking
People are jumping in happiness, you are squatting with sadness
People are smiling with utmost joy, you are frowning with sheer agony
People are climbing up, you are sliding down
People are blessed with the shining sun, you are merely sweating
People are dancing in the rain, you are in-hiding, afraid of the wet-ness
People-Stereo, You-Mono

Draggin’ me down
Draggin’ me down
Draggin’ me down
Into your shallow negativity

I don’t want to swim in your negativity no
I don’t want to dwell in your discomfort anymore
I don’t want to listen to your petty complaint no more
I don’t want to be bothered by your stupid annoyance

Listen you prank, I am shouting out to you- I don’t want to know everything stinks about you anymore
Listen you shit-head, I am shouting out to you- you are nothing but nuisance
Your problems and your attitudes drive me into exasperation
Listen you knee-jerk, I am shouting to you- don’t give no more any of your pulp fiction
Another one coming- you’ll gone from the face of the earth

Draggin’ me down
Draggin’ me down
Draggin’ me down
Into your negativity

In this life I choose to see beauty, but you want ugliness
In this life I see blue, but you insist on seeing red
In my blessed life, I want white
But in your fuck-up life, you want black
I make love, you make war!

Draggin’ me down
Draggin’ me down
Draggin’ me down
Into your negativity

The Email that triggered the war!
Hi all,

When I sent this email, I wasn’t preparing to debate over mail. My mail was intended to send out my proposition and was not in anyway targeting anyone in anyway. It was unwise channel of communication to debate and argue over an issue. But after a round of heated argument and debate with Christian which ended up with no common understanding, allow me for once and for all, shed my opinion on this issue. After this, you won’t hear from me again.

After Christian’s reply, now I chose to be straight to the point and write as blunt as I can. If my mail hurt anyone or displease you, please be reminded that this email come with NO APOLOGY at all, not ever, not in my lifetime because my conscience is clear.

Christian, first of all, let me remind you that you are NOT the only victim here, so stop acting like the only sole victim. As a matter of fact, I was the victim too...I ALWAYS came early than the actual time, whether or not going or coming back. I always wait for the latecomers LONGER than you do.

So if anyone deserve to go mad and complain like a cry baby, it should be me. Not you. Let me be frank here, you are nothing but a nuisance. You are nothing but negative, you have an attitude problem. You don’t seek to understand people and be peace with people. U need a shrink. U know what...the whole waiting issue is not about respect or the latecomers, I think it is all about you. It is always about you. I am gonna be honest and mentioning name here.

True, nobody like waiting but everyone is tolerating without such a big fuss. True, Omar may be inconsiderate and irresponsible, always late-without a message- BUT in my trainee life, never never any trainee or forbes or chris the van driver himself, or any other passengers or Thomas make a fuss and big issue over waiting. The most we do is Thomas will tell Omar. Sometime he was unhappy over waiting BUT never ever he demanded the van to leave without knowing the other end.

Why?? Because we are friend. And you, your technical laws and rules, have to be this and have to be that stuff is cruel and heartless and no human soul. Take yesterday for instance- the difference between you and me was YOU ASKED THE VAN TO LEAVE WITHOUT WANTING TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH JOHAN AND OMAR- U DEMANDED THE VAN TO LEAVE BECAUSE THEY WERE LATE. YOU DID NOTHING BUT CRYING FOR LEAVING WHILE ME I ONLY ASK THE DRIVER TO LEAVE AFTER WALKED TO OMAR’S DESK AND JOHAN DESK, TO BE SURE THAT THEY ARE NOT COMING.

U think technically you are right, that the van is leaving at 5 sharp and those who come late say more than 15 minute, should be abandoned. Well, I say this to you, technically, there is no technicality. No one have rules that the van leaves at five. It was unwritten law or common understanding. So, DO NOT use this common understanding to impose you self-selfish rules onto others. You don’t know nothing about the van arrangement- so-for God sake, before you start barking again, go and do your homework!!!

And for the matter of clarification, the van is NOT there to serve ONLY us. It is for everybody and all the employees. The trainee end work at 5pm and if there is any employee coming at 5 or 6, YOU have to wait. And that include Omar who is always late. You wanna mess up with him>??? You want him to go and propose to management to wait until 6 or whatever time his is finish?? You think he cant do that?? Do you know who got us the van in the first place?? Again, do your homework…He can do that, and when he does and the van decided to leave at 6, I am gonna launch war at you….mark my words. So remember, the van does not serve only trainee and does not leave at 5. It leave when he is suppose to leave. It is all according to the van driver’s schedule. You and me have no right to determine when it suppose to leave…

Like I say above, this is not really bout the van issue, it is all bout your freakin attitude. U r negative. We are your friends and sometime we want to help you but u are just one egoistic maniac who never want to listen. If I alone think you are that, then I may be wrong. But if you really wanna examine yourself- just ask everyone around you. Ask Omar, ask Christine, ask Johan, ask me….Not enough?? Ask all the trainees, ask Anita, ask Martin, ask Andreas, ask C1 people….not enough?? Ask Chris the van driver, ask the HR department, Ask the thermo guys, ask wasim and the IT department, ask Purohit…just ask every inhabitants you ever came contact with and see what kind of feedback you will get…you don’t know man….but I tell you what, you are merely a joke, a big jokes.

I speak the truth here and the truth hurt. It is up to you to take it from here, positively or negatively. Bernard is the biggest A*shole I meet in my life and yet I have a respect for that man. As for you, honestly, I lost that little respect for you I used to have after I accidentally eavesdrop on your conversation with Andreas last night. Don’t worry, I won’t be a B*tch and I won’t tell a soul. That’s your and Andreas problem.

Respect?? You wanna talk about respect with me?? You are not the right person to talk with me. But since you raise the subject, have you ever respect people?? Have you ever respect about people needs? NEVER…All you think before respect is your vulnerable and fragile health, what is annoying to you-what is irritating to you, which directly and indirectly robbing away pleasure from everyone. How dare you to request Chris the van guy to shut the his window just because the mud and the air irritated you?? How dare you to direct and urge him to drive your way when the traffic was heavy??? How dare you to smash his new car’s door just to throw your tantrum?? How dare you to request the sound/volume in the van to be soften?? Time and again I said, you do not own the van. And that makes you the selfish person…If anyone were to decide the rules of the van, it is the van driver. That’s respect.

Talking about respect…Have you ever respect Chris the van guy?? Ask him for evaluation? Van services may be a service provided by small time company to Forbes but in the vicinity of the van, you respect the driver. This is my value, this is where I came from, this is what my upbringing principal taught me. But in Germany if they don’t teach you this, then I am sad. I hope it is only you but not all Germans. The nearest analogy I can give you is if I were to go to toilet to pee and the janitor is playing radio or chatting something so loud, I will not demand him to soften the radio just because the noise hazardous may be damaging to my health…and I will not ask him to lower down his voice neither do I am gonna ask him to clean the toilet space for me just to make me feel safe and my health protected. The toilet is him and I respect that. But in your case, you will ask him to stop and if he refuse, you will cry to the boss of the boss, like a boy crying out to mama…This is the case for the van with you.
This is what I think about you, as an honest friend. I am not humiliating you but merely stating all of your weaknesses, which made you politically incorrect, and generally dislike by others. If you are smart, you analyze my words and opinion. Take the truth and reckon it and improve it and those I said is untruth then burn it. It is free will.

Do not try to shoot me back or attempt to reply to me. This is my speech to you and I DON’T WANT ANY REPLY. If you do reply. I WONT READ. This is not a debate, this is a one way mail. You can agree with me and disagree with me until the cow come home, that is your problem. I don’t care and I couldn’t care less. I am only playing devil’s advocate. I sincerely hope you see truth and the hidden meaning of this email. And I hope you take it from me as a friend even though the respect is now gone. You gotto change and earn it back.
Last but not least, I had composed a song sometime ago about you, mainly about your negativity and your nuisance. I had talk with my guitarist back home and we are eager to make it a hit song when I go back since my guitarist and I can feel the energy of the song. The below song is about you and is dedicated to you. Enjoy. (Refer to the song above)

Note: This mail was not written in the heat of the moment. It was calmly written. However, it was written by a man that they said "If you drop a drop of watr onto the glass full of water"



Name: Ooi Keat Khoon, Peter

Pseudonym: Rock-star

Zodiac Sign: Pieces

Place of birth: Penang island, Malaysia

Nationality: Malaysian

University: University of Malaya, Malaysia

Course: Bachelor of Economics

Favorite Lecturer: Dr. Ali Boerhanuddin & Mr. Lee Hwok Aun

Present company: Forbes Marshall, India

Previous company/organization: JobStreet.Com & AIESEC in Malaysia

Previous menial jobs:

Assistant cook (kitchen)
Ticket seller
Co-Van driver
Book store assistant
Construction man
Free trader at flea market

Favorite Pastime: Listening to music, watching movies, writing, reading, surfing the net, contemplating, travelling and chilling.

Favorite Genre of Music: Rock n' roll (60s, 70s, glam rock, progressive rock, grunge, acoustic), 90s, post-grunge,new glam-rock, Oldies, Old school malay/indon rock and glam/raggae and,Jazz, Chill-out/ethnic, Jazz and BLUES!!!

Favorite Movies: NujumPak Belalang, Moulin Rouge, CONfidence, The Last Castle, CinemaParadiso, Roadtrip, Gilbert's grape, The Last Don, Blood in blood out, Braveheart, Can't hardly wait, Forrest Gump, Ghost of Missisipi, LOTR Trilogy, Spinning Gasing, The negotiator, School of Rock, Detroict Rock City, Almost Famous, The Rock, Still Crazy, Gladiator, Mostly Martha, Bill & Ted, A time to kill, Buz Lurhmann's Romeo&Juliet, The client, Airhead, reservoir dogs, The Contender and Pulp Fiction

Favorite Male Actors: Denzel Washinton, Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman & Al Pacino.

Favorite Female Actors: The 3-Kate; Kate Hudson, Kate Beckinsale & Kate Winslet

Favorite bands of all time: Guns n’ Roses, The Beatles & Nirvana

Favorite Malaysian singer/bands: Old Butterfinger, M.Nasir & Amir Yussof

Favorite albums of all time (local & international): Aquarius (Amir Yussof), Let it come down (James Iha), 1988 (Tracy Chapman), Ballads (REO Speedwagon), Child of the light (Ernie Smith), 27 #1 singles (The Beatles).

Favorite Books: Resurrection Day (Meade), Conversations with God trilogy (Walsch), John Lennon in his time (Jon wiener), Jim Morrison Biography (Davis), Veronica, eleven minutes (Coelho), The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons (Dan Brown), Kane & Abel Trilogy, First Among Equal, Sons of Fortune (Archer), The Last Juror (Grisham), Tuesday with Morrie (Albom), Stupid white man (Moore), Rules of the bone (Banks), Shantaram (Gregory Robert)

Favorite website: / / / / /

First Concert: Deep Purple

Last Concert: Scorpion

First international celebrity (up-close & personal): Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big

Second international celebrity (up-close & personal): Incubus (the whole band)

First Gig: Rock World 95 (Featuring OAG, Bullock, Acid Rain and other Thrash/Punk bands)

Favorite Gig: Amir Yussof at Bangsar

Unforgettable moments: All those times travelling in Thailand and India, motorcycle inter-state (road trip) with Azlan & first trip to Pehentian island and my childhood moments (those were the days) & High school/university times (to the good old days).

Favorite quote: Do you wanna bark all day or do you wanna bite? :- Line from Michael Madsen, from the movie- Reservoir Dogs.

The reason I came up with this brief biography was because I am lazy and snaking in the office. I think this is dumb, so I am gonna remove it from my blog one week from now.

Note: My grandma used to say, those who write and act is crazy but those who read and watch is dumb.Haha...Sorry dude! Just kidding, where's my car??

Monday, July 25, 2005

Monsoon Fever!

The return of the innocence

Greeting ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends and enemies alike. My name is Peter and I am back with writing my daily life after being absence for about 4 month, writing nothing and posting nothing to this blog except some poems I wrote. Since I came back to Pune, from Malaysia, to continue the second half of my traineeship with Forbes Marshall, I had decided to give up writing on my daily life, the people I met, the event that took place, the books, the movies, the parties, my train of thought, poems and songs on weekly basis, which I used to enjoy doing.

The main reason I gave up writing 4 month ago was because the life and its excitement I found and experience during my first four months was gradually subsided. The feeling fun of discovery was kind of stagnant. Daily life becomes stagnant, repetitive, routine and sometime dull- even though it may be a fun thing to do in most eyes, like farewell parties and going out at night, but when it become routine, it becomes repetitive. When thing become repetitive, then basically there isn’t nothing much to write hence the giving up.

But nevertheless, some meaningful events happened in between, during my absence to the blog, which I expressed through my poems. Some of them were happy moments, some of them were sad moments, heartache, headache, stomachache, self-discovery and all the jazz.

Part of the reason also because I stopped travelling. So, nothing to report and write. My travelling in and around India is still very much insufficient. Therefore, in April, I already told myself that I am going to finish what I am destined to, and do the things and visit the places I want to, no matter what, come high or water, with or without anybody, I will still go and my life will goes on. Nothing will stop me from travelling- at least I hope, nothing big enough or nothing catastrophe enough to bring me home without laying my eyes on those God-gifted, endowed, beautiful and serendipity landscapes of India and its amazing people. Because of my clear travelling plan, I vow myself to live a budget life, meaning less of going out, less of clubbing, less of expensive dinner and all that stuff. For months, I live my life sufficiently, not suffering, with little money- all in the name of travelling. I cooked very often, or even if I were to order meals from outside, I will order from the cheapest place possible like the one nearby apartment, which sell chicken fried rice for only 25 rupees. That run-down place is "Lucky"

The limited budget never failed to stop me from buying books. Throughout the budgeted months, I still spent money on books. The latest I brought was Paulo Coelho’s "The fifth mountain", "The Zahir" and the soon to be adapted into a major film, starring Johnny Depp and Halena Bonham Carter, "Shantaram" written by Gregory Robert, based on his true story.

The reason I choose to write again, went against my initial thought is because I can, again, feek the energy of the past. I thing that the entire happening thing in the past, especially my first three months, is coming back to me.

Monsoon fever in Pune is indeed a time to revisit the first quarter of my traineeship. Monsoon ushered two new trainees, whom arrived unexpected, in short span of 24 hours. For the past few days, we had a tremendous fun, with parties and new trainees (7 more to come in 2 weeks time), just like the good old day. With all that, plus my upcoming travelling, I feel like my life is back on track, hence the writing and the update.

My Travelling

Like I said in some of my email to you, I was supposed to travel with Erin initially. Erin is a trainee, (not an AIESEC trainee) from Louisiana, United States. We were submitted to the plan of travelling together. We couldn’t be less enthusiastic and excited about it. We started our trip much earlier and both were eagerly and anticipating the moment to come and take us away. But strange thing is, when we were starting to plan, something deep inside me, or at the back of the mind told me that travelling with her somehow will not take place, for whatever reason it may be which in later part turned out to be true. Of course it didn’t matter much to me. The strange thing is, why the feeling? Was it because she is from America and the fact that Americans don’t travel much? I don’t know why, maybe it was just a voice of my soul.

Anyway, as expected and as anticipated from the voice at the back of my head, she ditched the whole plan and pulled out without a solid reason. It didn’t affect me much, just that I need to revise my budget again now that I will be travelling alone.

One fine morning, she woke up and something deep inside her told her that she got to go home. The feeling was so strong, so she ditched the plan, just like that. Well, I am not mad, but for whatever that it may be, I respect her decision and thankful that she told me of her suspected depression or possible breakdown, rather than forcing herself to come travel with me through India- because honestly I don’t prefer to handle ugly scenes during travelling, if you know what I mean.

To cut it short, my brother and friend might be travelling with me halfway through. We might be meeting up in Jaipur, the same place I will be meeting up with Hui Lin and Bonnie. Erin’s place is being replaced by Gemma, also another trainee with a private company, from Spain. Somewhere along the way, I will also be meeting up with other individual travelers, known and unknown.

New Trainees

One fine evening, I came back from my work as usual and to my surprise I saw a huge luggage by the side of the table. It surprised me because we are not suppose to have any trainee until mid of August to early September and we were not suppose to have any returning trainee, be it from travelling or whatever.

The mystery answered two hours after that. The new trainee has arrived, unexpected, just like most trainees in the past including me. Her name is Zoya. She is from Toronto, Canada. Now what I like about her is first, she reminds me of someone I really want to meet in my life. Second, she is outspoken, cheerful, always active and smiley, hyper, sociable, lively and all that funky jazz. After recalling hard whom she resembles, the moment finally paid off. Her smile, her look, her hair, her body, her height, the way she talks, the way she does everything is exactly like Kate Hudson. This is not my opinion. Everybody agreed with me she look like Kate and some think sort of. She just graduated in HR and will be working here for one year.

The second unexpected trainee arrived the morning after. His name is Julies, from Germany. He is very un-German which is very good. If you look at him from the side, he looks like Brad Pitt. Of course, this is only my opinion and I don’t have the gut to ask other’s opinion because I wasn’t sure.

Back to Kate, since Andreas, my German friend/housemate whom I always goes running with, whom I dance naked in the middle of the night, on top of our roof, welcoming monsoon rain some weeks ago and I, is a big fan of Kate Hudson, particularly Kate in the movie "Almost famous" directed by Cameron Crowe and its main song, "Hold me closer tiny dancer" by Elton John…we just couldn’t stop playing the song and just looking at her sweetness dreaming we were looking at Kate Hudson a.k.a Penny Lane.

With the newly arrived trainees, come with hell lots of parties, as well as farewell. It is like Hello to this one and Goodbye to that one.

Last Friday was also a farewell party for Andreas. Co-incidentally, it was also a welcoming party for Kate Hudson. I asked him 4 days before what would he plan to do for the farewell? And not to my surprise, he said nothing much, just ordering chicken friend rice, chips and some beers for the guest. I said it was pathetic and soon after, I got myself into big trouble. Because of friend that we are, I offered him my service to cook for his farewell- for 25 invited friends.

So, I started to prepare to cut and slice the vegetable on Thursday night. It was quite tiring but was paid off by songs of Poetic Amno and Van Halen through our big speakerbox, specially transferred to the kitchen.

I completed the night with a cigar and round of chat with Kate Hudson while she unpacking all her stuff.

Friday night was fantastic. I started cooking at around 6.30 pm and done around 9pm. So, what did I cook?

I was the assistant cook to Barekhat, Jamaican friend, during Anita and Diana’s farewell some weeks back. But for Andreas’s farewell, he was my assistant.

I cooked about 1.5 kg of noodle. I named then Malaysian Hakka salty noodle. Secondly, the 2 kg of steam rice, cooked by my assistant- we named the dish "Yellow rice from Jamaica"

And then there was crush chicken goes to Bollywood. It was my specialty. Crush chicken meat, marinated with soya sauce and black pepper, fried along side with 3 eggs, onions, butter and little bit of sugar. This is eaten together with the noodles and the number fourth dish, which I named it Lucky 7 (our apartment) tomato gravy club forever. It was mixture various type of vegetable namely carrots, tomatoes, onions, papitas, cucumber etc. Gravy was a mix of real tomatoes and tomato ketchup with black pepper. It was great.

Number 5 dish was lemonade-fried salads, garnished with steam salty potatoes. Kate Hudson had the privilege to name the dish, which she named "Fucking Salads".

Last but not least, the best of the best, which goes well with the yellow rice, was Chicken Hyderabadi. 2 kg of chicken, blended with potatoes and the spices use are from the state of Hyderabad, India. I tiredly and passionately prepared it, which in the end- praised by the guest (which is not the thing that prompted me to cook in the first place). Most important it was appreciated by Andreas. At around midnight, I took up a bottle of beer bottle and make a toast. I made an opening and impromptu farewell speech to him, followed by Martin, the dead drunk Japanese Yoshi (always) and others.

We proceeded to a round of shisha. Prior to that lots of beer and vodka had been consumed, as well as cigarette and cigars. I was quite stone already and little bit of high. The finest point was when Xabi, the Spanish guy, mixed the shisha’s tobacco with weed and the usual junkies came around and smoked away the night. And the new junky was Kate Hudson, which when she smoke make her look even cuter.

I woke up dehydrated, but not hanging. That morning was arrival of Brad Pitt’s cousin- Julies. In the evening, there was another party- this time it was at Erin’s house, which situated 45 minutes from my place. It was a welcoming party for a group of 27 Thais people (TATA’s trainees) as well as Erin’s unofficial farewell party.

It was a crazy party and the group of Thais was a great young bunch of party animal. One of the girl, which is very sexy and pretty ( nama aku dah lupa dah…) cooked us "Tom Yam Kai" which means Chicken tomyam. It was great and it was absolutely fantastic. I ate until my stomach almost burst. And again, lots of vodka and beer.

Just like Andreas’ farewell, the usual kitchen people- meaning people who dominate the kitchen during the party time, was Kate, me, Martin and some others. I am sure you know why kitchen it the best place to hang around…

That is just a beginning. I can sense that the cycle of trainee paradise- just like when I firstly arrived 9 months ago, is coming back. My time here is almost up and I am waiting to travel to the north of India. After that, we will meet again- IshyaAllah…

Kindly regards


Monday, July 11, 2005

Beautiful Day, Beautiful dream

Written by Peter

It was a beautiful day
The birds were chirping a melody
The wind were blowing the sound of nature
The sun were shining happily
The trees were swaying weakly
The frogs were hopping for better places
And the street were full of happy shiny people

It was a beautiful day
I was smoking marijuana
Entertaining my imagination

I was thinking and I was dreaming
I am walking through the lively street
Full with happy shiny people
Everyone talking everyone smiling

I am in the world’s greatest Rock n’ Roll band
Touring around the world
Selling lots of record
Meeting lots of chicks- scoring almost everyone of them
While making lots and tons of money

I am the biggest and most successful idealist
Living life bigger than it should be
Lecturing and sharing my point of view
To the youth and to all the people
Across the regions and continents

My glamorous ideas and popularity
Is greater that The Beatles in the 60s which claimed to be greater than Jesus Christ
My ideological and philosophical thoughts is more profound than the anti-war sentiments in the 70s
My words and my power is more influential than the Reegan administration in the 80s

I am the youngest and most successful entrepreneur
I am the brightest and most promising corporate dick head
Battling through every stages of life difficulties- like a cancer patient fighting for his survivor
Climbing up every step of corporate ladder- stabbing and killing all sort of bastards and bitches

I am now the most cunning bastard and your beloved bitches- the omnipotent one in this world
People I used to kill and stab along the way
Is now kissing my feet and worshiping me like a God
Betraying their very own consciences, their principal values and their credo
All in the name of money- no pride

I am the greatest rockstar
Making love with the most beautiful girl in the world
I am the world’s biggest idealist
I am the world’s richest man
I am king and I am God
With power and tons of money- but lonely at the top

And then the rain start to rain on earth
And the sun hid behind the dark clouds
The thunder strike through the space between- breaking the silences

The bubble of dream burst like a pop!
I realized I was only dreaming
With Marijuana still burning

It is still a beautiful day
And all I want is to get the fuck out of here
Move on to another phase of life
Where I live a quietly and happily ever after- Cinderella’s dream

With the girl of my dream
And my favorite dog
On my beach house
With my own pub or record store
Across the street

Author’s note: "The end is the beginning is the end is the beginning…."

The Pain

The Pain

Written by Peter

I was sleeping alone, for another night
And then came along
The pain and the agony

It strike hard, yet so tender
The pain was attacking while the agony was terrorizing
The centre capital of my body
Killing me softly
The pain was grave
And the agony was beyond my wildest imagination

I was shaken in the dark
I was trembling in the dark
I was groaning in the dark
Screaming out for my mama
Yearning for God’s help
Hopefully a divine intervention
But nothing really happen

I was restless, hopeless and shirtless
Eventually naked and defeated
I was alone in the battle against the invisible enemy
The pain and the agony

In the dark and in the darkened room
Everything became annoyed and irritated
The sound of the lovely music seems like drilling my head
The sound of the beauty silence seems like axing my brain
Everything and anything was driving me into virtual insanity

The clock is ticking, but the time never moves
Only the pain and the agony
I was sweating, tearing and my skin turned pale
The pain was smiling while the agony was laughing- so happily
And the time frozen to witness all of these- I almost see heaven

This is not a dream
It was a reality
A reality that I was crawling slowly and struggling desperately
Through the frozen time, indescribable pain and agony
Across the seemingly endless million miles

And thanks God,
Eventually I reached the victory line, ALIVE!

Blast from the past [Part 3]

Day 3

We woke up at 8.30 am. We had our breakfast across our guesthouse. Again we walked non-stop, for about 7km, across the peaceful street, flowing river, surrounded by all the beautiful shapes of rocks and shining sun. As we were walking, we came across some local tourist touring around with tour guide, explaining everything about the statues, temples and places. I was thinking to myself, what the fuck is these people thinking? Don’t they know that learns nothing but wasting time and money? The best thing to discover historical places to feel and experience for yourself. I mean, how much information can they absorb from the explanation given? At the end of trip, this idiotic will end up with lots of information but will not remember which is which.

In the afternoon, Rambo, Gokce the Turkish girl, Michael the drug dealer and I decided to break apart with the rest of the group and we went to this restaurant called Mougli house. The set up is almost the same with the Mango tree. But only this time the wide view in front of us was a huge farm field and tiny river surrounded by various shapes of rocks, mostly tiny. The sun was on the way down. This café is like a smoking café. I started to roll a joint, which later shared by Gokce, Rambo and Michael the drug dealer- it was his first joint. By the way, Rambo- he’s a graduate from Montreal University, in the field of Industrial Engineering and he is a weed rolling motherfucker. He rolled so much of my joint that he started to feel guilty. But he’s a funny guy. Always mumbling in Arabic and sometime French.

In the café, we met up with a Dutch guy and Leo, an ex army from Israel. He also happens to be an engineering graduate. There is some other guys and girls, all Caucasians. Leo rolled his hash every ten minutes or so. He’s a fucking intellectual guy. Somehow you can tell from the conversation we had.

After getting stone and some sleep, we crossed to the other side of the river and checked in to another guesthouse, to be reunited with the other group of our friends. There it goes again, big number again. Anyway it was of course a great feeling to be reunited after a three long days of separation.

We paid some money for the village guy to cook us a dinner and we did a campfire dinner. Lots of people were there. After dinner, 18 of us, all lying down the empty field, under the million shining star, strong wind and cold air, occasionally catching a shooting star. It was great.

Day 4

Day 4 was the end of trip. Our last day in the great Hampi. All 18 of us woke up before 8.30am for another round of get-together. Again, the village guy cooked us a breakfast- a combination of Indian and western variety namely fruits salad, Tosai, scramble eggs and hot coffee.

That morning was great. I did a quick breakfast and proceeded to the field, lay down under the morning sun, and began to write few lines of my travelling script which I am composing now.
Lars, the Quentin Terantino look alike parted with us and went to Bangralore to meet up with another group of trainee. You remember Michal, the Polish guy who almost got me into a fight with a rickshaw wallah? Yes, he went on to meet up with Michal, Kaske the Japanese guy and Jos, the Dutch guy who look like the lead vocalist of Nickelback.

Jack Nicholson, Patrow and Gokce the Turkish girl went to another city, Bijapur, 6 hours away drive from Hampi. The rest of us went home directly to Pune. In the midway, while dropping off two of my favorite girls at Bijapur, the feeling was sad but then I thought, what the hell…I am gonna meet them again in a day or two but what I never thought was they are leaving for good in a day or two. Sad but true, but life gotto goes on.

That’s all I can tell, another 15 hours of tiring with many blessed moments, back to Pune. The journey was with the same view with lesser people. I was feeling blessed to be seated in between two of my favorite girls. The songs that played on my CD player before the battery ran out was my all-time favorite Malay band- Wings. Songs like "Semalam yang hangat", "Suara kita", " Misteri mimpi Syakilla" and "Taman Rashidah Utama" made my journey even more bluesy.

One part of me was on top of the world and feeling high and happy because of the whole Hampi trip but the other part of me was rather sad, leaving the most beautiful city of yesteryears as well as leaving without the girl of my dream. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a melancholy feeling (and the infinite sadness)- Smashing Pumpkins!

Whatever happen, sweet or sour- this journey or road-trip and my about to begin traineeship will be the best thing happens to me in my life. Trust me, there is so much things that I can’t describe it with words. You know, John Lennon used to sing that money can’t buy love…in the 60s but now that the fact of the song is somewhat irrelevance, I say money can’t buy time, the present time, the time we are living here, and now. Some corporate dick head will tell you that life begin at 40. That will not work for me and I don’t believe in that shit anyway. You may have a happy family and tons of money but you will never have back the feeling of your youth back when you begin your life at 40.

The journey was long, so for one last time in South India, we rolled a joint in the jeep, and say goodbye to Hampi. The time might had passed but for us, we will forever cherish this memorable trip, for a long time to come.

Post Hampi Trip
[The whole part is removed by the author]

The End!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Blast from the past [Part 2]

Day 2

We woke up as early as 8am. We continue our so-called expedition by walking and discover the historic profile of Hampi ruins civilization, for about 8 hours from one place to another. Our expedition was not only by walking but also involved lots of climbing (to the high and or top of the place) and walking up the steepest route to the sacred place.

First, we walked up to this place. It is like up the Penang Dam but of course higher and more beautiful than the Penang Dam. The journey to the top was surrounded by the greatest views of all, the beautiful nature namely the river, the rocks and best of all, an overview (from the top) of the ruined ancient city of civilization.

About 45 minutes after that, we all reached to the top. We snap lots of beautiful photos from the above. It was very windy at the top of the ruined temple, the monuments are simply excellent and wonderful.

Until that point, I still couldn’t believe what I was doing. But anyway I tried to believe it. The feeling of being at the top, overlooking the many cities of ancient civilizations was amazing. We were so high that for a moment we thought we almost touch the morning sun.

There was this temple, on top of the top, so Omar and I didn’t feel high enough so we decided to climb up and higher. While Omar already reach to the top, leaving me under him, still struggling to be atop. I almost fall to the ground, almost got killed like falling from heaven when one of the edges I hold unto, cracked. You can see the stone fall down and the sound of it hitting the ground was never heard again. I was hooked with one hand on the still edge, just like Stallone in the movie, "Cliffhanger"

God saved me and I am still alive and typing this diary. I had a shock of my life for a brief moment. After the incident, I was calmed and cooled by Gytneth Patrow.

Photo: View of Hampi farmfield from the top

Photo: Gokce & me against the backdrop of Hampi ruins civilization

From the top temple, we walked down to the ground and keep walking through the villages for about another 5km and reached the Monkey temple. The Monkey temple was located at the top of the mountain and we had to climb up the staircase (to heaven). The staircase look likes that staircase of Great Wall of China. We reached the arch (bottom) and came across a resting-place where we met a group of Swiss travelers. After a hot "Chai" (tea) and few bananas, we continue our journey all the way to the top. It was extremely tired but bearable. All tiredness paid off when we finally reached the top of Monkey temple.

We visited the inside of the temple where we saw a priest, giving blessing to those holier than thou wannabe while smoking hash at the same time, with a bamboo pipe. In other word, he was stone, dead stone and nobody give a damn anyway. I didn’t stay longer so I decided to go on the other side of the top, together with Gytneth Patrow, Michael the drug dealer and Omar the Rambo. We were lying on the rock, the edgeless rocks. So you can imagine, if any of us misstep a little, sure we going to fall to the ground, crash boom bang!

From the edges, we also overseeing and overlooking the huge farm fields, the villages and the ever serendipity views of the ancient cities while the wind blowing onto our flesh weakly.

So who was missing? Of course Gokce the Turkish girl. Where can she be? Actually at the time when we were amazed by our surrounding, she was with the priest I mentioned earlier, smoking hash and getting stone. The rest of the journey down from Monkey temple and all the long walks through the green fields, rocky mountain, river etc was kind of taken care by me because she was kind of stone- you know the after effect or the slow reaction after smoking up. I cherished every moment spent with her and I am going to miss her when she’s gone. She’s one coolest girl I ever met after such a long time but she’s going off soon making my heartbreak into million pieces. [smile…ha ha]. This kind of remind me of Elton John’s "I want love, but it’s impossible…" Sigh…

So we were lost and failed our way out. But eventually we did. While we were searching for the way out, we bump into this guy, an old man who spoke only three understandable English words namely Hello?, Grass? And Rs 400. I didn’t say much. I just handed him Rs 200 for about 10 grams and trust me, it was good and it was a great deal.

When we reached to the other side of the river, with coracle, which stopped at a slippery rock, about 5-meter from the shore, I slipped and fall flat to the river. The same unlucky even happened to Bernard as well. We were wet and soaked.

On the way back to the guesthouse, we were starving so we decided to stop at this café called Mango Tree café (fake one, because the real one, which recommended by the LP is located at the other side of the river). It wasn’t bad at all. It was like an open space, equipped with long tables, mattresses and pillows. You can lay down and eat. The best part about this café is the songs they played. Mainly the greatest hits of The Beatles like "Yesterday", "Love me do", "Help", "I feel fine" and a lot more.

Back to the guesthouse, while everybody was busy showering, removing the dirt and the sweat of the day, I met this punk, from the Netherlands. With piercing, tattoos, Trojan hair and joint, he looks like he is one of those hippie who just got back from Sex Pistol’s gig or from Woodstock. He was reading one of Dan Brown’s novels, which I couldn’t care to remember what was the title.

FYI, Dan Brown is one of the novelist that is currently famous with his work, "The Da Vinci code". The Hollywood, particularly the director of "Beautiful mind" and "Apollo 13" is currently persuading Tom Hanks to play the main role in the adapted movie. So, people, better make sure you read the book before it hit your local screen.

This punk guy had been travelling to some of the places including Malaysia. He told me that one of the best things about Malaysia was his Penang trip, the food paradise. Being Penangite, I am, needless to say, proud.

That evening was great. We had some trainees and local friends from Bombay visited us in Hampi. Among them are Sunir, who when drunk in Bombay’s pub during my previous visit to Bombay, shouted at me "a fucking Japanese", his Polish girlfriend, Gabrielle the Mexican girl and some others. Sunir and I having fun sharing about our passion for Rock Music while listening to the likes of Poison, Firehouse, Joan Osborne, KISS etc.

Together we went to real Mango Tree café. It was only a 5 minutes walk to the inside of rural area and from the outside, it looks ordinary and nothing special. But most of us were amazed and appalled by its charm and our feeling was completely different from 5 minutes ago. To exaggerate, I would say it look like the hanging garden of Babylon. The seating area is actually on the floor, on the cold cemented floor, leaning against the steep wall, facing the big and calm river, accompanied by strong yet lazy wind and on top of us was a million smiling stars.

In the café, just by the side of our long table, there is big trees, tied with a swing. So I went up the swing, I felt like swinging in the air with nothing below me, nothing but the river. I feel like I was gonna fall at anytime.

The dinner was great. After that we rolled a couple of joints and start to smoke them. The regular smoker was Gokce, Omar, one Indian mix Dutch girl and I.

I tell you, Hampi is a great paradise and it is one of the recommended areas to travel to in India. This is a weed paradise. For a moment, you wouldn’t tell a different between Hampi and Amsterdam.
Hampi trip has also brought me closer to Patrow. We were so close it somewhat spark a strange chemistry. There is a kind of happy feeling whenever being with her.

I guess maybe it was just Hampi or matter of fact India that it makes it all light and easy for travelling like that. There is no border no discrimination and suspicious of sort that made us all closer like lover freind and family. So occasionally we were holding hand and hanging out together while enjoying the serendipity landscapes (from the top) and the sound of the nature but I guess deep inside, through unspoken words, we both know it means nothing but friendship and companionship. I love to be with her. That’s my sensitivity talking [smile…]

[Remove from original journal]

To be continue…

Blast from the past [Part 1]

Namaste, last week as I was cleaning up my stuff, I discovered few pages of my writing in my box. It was my maiden journal on my travelling in India. It was Hampi trip, back in November 2004. I realized that I didn't have this on my blog and so, I decided I retype and post it in my blog, into a three part series. The reason I did this is because up to this date, Hampi is the best and the greatest place I ever visit and had left a very memorable memories to me, personally. Earlier, I decided not to upload this journal because it was kind of personal. But as time flies, memories faded and events become somewhat unimportant, or just another phase of life. With some extraction out of the original journal I wrote on Hampi trip, here I posted for the first time my very first writing in India, on my very first travelling which is the greatest trip I ever had, into three part series.

Hampi: The diary of ancient civilization revisited

1st week, November 2004

Day 0

The time is 10:29 and the date is 9th November, in my office cubicle, looking forward to a discussion Mr. Satyadeo Purohit, A GM of Sales & Marketing. He’s nice and intelligent man, not to mention low profile and humble too.

Yesterday was fruitful to both my working and social life. Finally, Thomas and I had been given an assignment to execute. The project assigned was to study and analyze company’s order business cycle, of every stages of production and at the end of project, made recommendations to improve loopholes of every stages to the board of directors.

Beside me now is a coffee, my third one to be exact and it’s not even 11am yet. I guess in a month or two, caffeine will be my new addiction, in addition to cigarette, beer and sometime weeds and hash.

Yesterday was kind of romantic because Gokce, the Turkish girl who looks like Penelope Cruz but slightly prettier and I did something cool and crazy. It was raining in the evening and the rain was the second one since I landed in Pune. Since I had promised to walk her to the end of the road for some stuff, we decided to walk down the long and busy little street, despite the heavy rain. Of course, we were wet and soak but it sparked some unexplained romanticism.

Muddy water, bumpy roads and crazy traffic we went through but neither of us complaining. The even of the night was when we came back from a wine shop, a motorbike almost hit her, followed by the chaotic of road traffic. In the blink of eye and in the nick of time, I suddenly become a Bollywood hero and came to her rescue by grabbing her arms towards me. After the incident, I hold her hand and crossed the busy road. There were unspoken words in the air but I guess both of us know it meant nothing. Or was it something?

As for now I wasn’t feeling so well because my lips is so dry that it began to pealing off and the part under my lower lips is infected by itchiness, numbness and difficulties in moving my lips. I consulted Dr. Iranee of Forbes Marshall and she said nothing serious and one of the causes might be I kissed a wrong girl. Thomas said I might as well forget about kissing the Turkish girl.

That night, friend of Bernard, the one with peculiar and strange behavior like Jack Nicholson in the movie "As good as it get" came to my apartment and will be bumping with us for one week or maybe more. Her name is Gesine Hoinke and she’s from Germany. She looks like Gytneth Patrow in the 1990’s first appearance in ELLE Jeans’s advertisement. She have the attitudes of Jennifer Aniston's character in "Along came Polly". You may think I am bullshitting you again, but honestly I can swear on my precious bike that I wasn’t lying. In Pune, everybody looks like somebody except for me, who looks like nobody except for me.

Day 1

It’s Wednesday and it’s the day that everybody is waiting desperately for, the Hampi (South India) trip. We are supposed to depart from our lovely place at night. Needless to say, the day in the office was utmost de-motivated. Thomas and I took a half-day off and met up with Gokce, the Turkish girl, Gytneth Patrow and Jack Nicholson at the district police commissioner to collect our residential visa. It took us less than half-hour to collect our visa despite some slight commotion caused by group of fucking tourist, mainly British and Irish.

We went to MG road (Mahatma Gandhi road), the famous place in Pune where everything that is classy and branded available to you, that if, you have the bucks. We went to this restaurant, which recommended by the LP. We ordered Chinese varieties and I can’t believe that the Indians can cook very fine Chinese foods. When in MG road, the store I will never miss is the book store which I ended up buying Harper Lee’s "To Kill a Mockingbird" and John Grisham’s "The Brethren" for about Rs.80.
We reached our place at Koregeon Park when the sun goes down. Here, the sun goes down at 5pm. We started to pack and when the time has finally come, we were all ready like a group of children ready for first day to school. Tom UK was the main person organizing the transportation. Tom, the Paul Bettany look-alike did a great job. He hired two TATA 4WD for the Hampi trip. Everything was in place namely the luggage, the chips, the beers and most importantly the people.

Nine of us in one jeep and the others were in the other. Thomas (Germany, the one that look like English football-hooligans, my colleague/housemate) was in front with the driver, Natalie (the Colombian chicks, the one that look like Spanish porn-actress), Dennis (Dutch, the one that look like one of the Irish boy-band singer), Michael (Germany, the one that look like international man of mystery or drug dealer was in second row and at the back seat, Tom UK, Lars (Germany, the one that look like Quentin Terantino but Latin’s version, Magda (Poland, the one that look like a barbie doll) and myself was in the back seat.

On the other jeep was Jack Nicholson, Lothar (Germany), Yoshke (Japan), Gytneth Patrow (Germany), Gokce (Turkey, the one that look like Penelope Cruz but slightly prettier), Veronica (Hungary, the one that look like lead vocalist of Cranberries), Thomas C1 (Germany) and Omar (Egypt, the one that look like Sly Stallone).

The journey to South India took us exactly 15 hours and though it was a long and tiring journey, it was the greatest road-trip I ever had in my life. We departed from Koregeon Park, the trainee paradise, the place in Pune where the rich and famous resided, just like Bangsar or Damansara Height. In India, no matter how develop or upper class the residential is, it will never escape from poverty hence people begging on the street and stuff.

The first three hours was great. Everybody was crazily talking and singing. Tom UK cracked some British dry jokes, mainly about the stupidity and ignorance of the Irish while Dennis cracked some Irish jokes, about the idiotic of the British. We were singing and drinking and the journey was great, enough said. Of course every once in a while, we will stop the jeep for resting, peeing, smoking and stuff. The weather was cold as usual and the road the Hampi was not an expressway but merely a long and sometime bumpy road. Everybody was beginning to get quiet and dozing off after a while. None of us are able to sleep peacefully and comfortably. But nevertheless, it was a great experience. Although I was rather sad because Gokce was on the other jeep, but I try to make the journey as fun as possible. Magda was so lovely. I guess no Gokce, Magda also can do la…

Arms and legs were stretched across each other. Due to the cold and windy weather, Magda the Barbie doll and I ended up needing each other like a lover. She was dozing off on my my lap.

In the middle of the night, we stopped at this small bamboo stall in the middle of nowhere for a cup of hot tea. Members of Jeep 1 and 2 meet again and we were chatting like we just met.
To cut the long story short, 9 hours passed and we reached one of the resting area and the sun start to shine upon us. It was a clear sunshine and seems like a new day has come. Everybody was wide-awake and did the morning stuff like brushing teeth, peeing and breakfast.

Photo: In the middle of nowhere...[L to R]: Magda, Tom & Myself

After a long hours of passing through the huge empty lands, farms, trees and small villages, accompanied by the music of Eric Clapton, Oasis, Suede, Wallflower, Joan Osborne, INXS, and of course, Kaho na Kaho songs and the rest of MURDER songtracks, we finally reached the Hampi bazaar. The market looks like an ancient market, full of traders, cows, businessman, fruit seller etc.

My first reaction was wordless. It was like living in the ancient history. Hampi is a place full of ancient civilization monuments, buildings, and ruined cities leftover. It paints me the picture and images of buildings I used to read about India’s Indus River civilization. It is exactly the same, without slight changes. You can see the river, big, wide and long river, with countless rocks, in various shape and sizes, on top of each other, divided by the great river. The people still do the laundry in the river.

Hampi, as been described in LP, is a thriving travelling center and most people stay for at least couple of days, just to lives and discover the sites of Hampi. Hampi is divided by a great river into two parts and to cross to the other side, we are link by a local coracle rider. One part is the Hampi bazaar itself and the other part across the river is rather quiet and laid back.

Once we reached, we soon find ourselves separated by a group who wants to stay across the river and the other, near the bazaar. Sometime, when travelling in big group, it is good to break into two smaller groups so that it is less chaotic and less organized.

Gokce the Turkish girl, myself, Thomas the football hooligan, Jack Nicholson, Michael the drug dealer, Gytneth Patrow, Omar the Stallone and Lothar stayed at the bazaar, at Shanti guesthouse.
After a check in and shower, We soon travelling to the Hampi bazaar and visiting the ancient places, namely the river, the ancient buildings leftover, the sites, the temple, the villages and lots more.
So, why Omar has been given the nickname Stallone? Not only physically undoubtable, but he dressed exactly like Rambo, with his infamous cargo pant and army singlet, walking around bazaar and in the mountain barefooted, eating and sucking sugar canes and bananas along the way, in the jungle and village area.

We walk and walk non-stop, about the total of 5km. First we walked to the village area and there, we bumped into some local kids.

These kids brought us deep into the jungle saying and convinced us that at the end of the jungle is a waterfall. They told us the distance is about 10 minutes but it took us one hour to reach the inside and another hour to get out. Well, I guess, these people still didn’t understand the concept of time and still depending the sun to indicate night and day for them. The walking through the village and sugar cane and banana farms was great, surround by peaceful views. The feeling then was so great.

Photo: Hampi's ancient ruin temples

Photo: Snapshot of Omar & Hampi kids...

At night, we were quite tired but nothing could stop us from discovering. So we went to this café, similar to the Raggae club in Penang for drinking and chilling out after a quite fulfilling dinner across the street.

The café is lighted by a dim neon and playing only Bob Marley’s songs, decorated by Marijuana plants and poster of Santana. The runner approached us to sell us Lassi drink mix with marijuana for Rs 200, or a hash for Rs 1000- 10 grams or Rs 500 for similar quantity but weeds. Of course none of us interested to smoke joint or hash that night. We ended up drinking only beers.

In this travel, I grew closer with Patrow. I really admire her attitude and behavior. She’s not your regular girl next door. She is tougher and braver than any of us man and she possesses great travelling skills. Not to say she’s bionic women or what but she’s really cool with her surviving skill, mix with her equal lot of feminism. I love her direct bluntness and easygoing attitude. I will write more about the story of her and me in later part.

to be continue...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

September Travelling- My route

This is an updated version. I somehow knew it that travelling with Erin won't materialized. It was at the back of mind when we were planning ahead of time. So, she pulled out because one fine day she woke up and her gut instinct told her that she gotto go back to the USA, that's all, no explanation or solid reason whatsoever. Well, I would have lies that this won't affect me at all. In facts it kind of ruined my original plan. Now that I am hanging tough and alone, the cost of the entire journey will surely increased if I were to travel alone especially accommodation! But for those who knows, my determination is as strong as ever. Nothing will come between me and travelling. Hopefully nothing like death or mother nature. With or without anyone, plan or unplanned, I will go travel. That is for sure.

But now that Erin is pulling out, I will need to revise my routes. I might be cutting down half of the places since I will not have enough budget to travel alone. Well, we will see. Gemma had told me she want to come with me. Others as well include some IC delegates to Agra. For whatever it is, I don't care, I am going!!! U join me or you don't. My way or the high way.

(Pre revision)

Below are my tentative routes across my Northern India travelling trip, for one month and 5 days.

Bombay-Udaipur (16 hrs, bus, Rs400)

Udaipur-Mt.Abu (5 hrs, bus, Rs80)

Mt.Abu-Jaipur (12 hrs, bus, Rs220)

Jaipur-Ajmer (2.5 hrs, bus, Rs113)

Ajmer-Pushkar (30min, bus, Rs7)

Pushkar-Ajmer (30min, bus, Rs7)

Ajmer-Jodhpur (6 hrs, bus, Rs100)

Jodhpur-Jalsalmer (5.5 hrs, bus, Rs95)

Jalsalmer-Delhi (19 hrs, train, Rs216/605, sleeper/3-tier AC)
Jalsalmer-Jaipur (12 hrs, bus, Rs255)- 1 daily
Jalsalmer-Jodhpur (5.5 hrs, bus, Rs95/117) Half-hourly

Jaipur-Delhi (5.5 hrs, bus, Rs220)
Jodhpur-Delhi (12.5 hrs, bus, Rs260)

Delhi-Chandigarh (5 hrs, bus, Rs111)- Every 10 minutes
Delhi-Shimla (10 hrs, bus, Rs190)

Chandigarh-Shimla (4 hrs, bus, Rs71)

Shimla-Manali (10 hrs, bus, Rs170) Every 2 hours

Manali-Dharamshala (10 hrs, bus, Rs250) 7pm

Dharamshala-McLeod Ganj (0.5 hrs, bus, Rs6)

Total hours available for one month & 5 days = 840
Total hours spent on the road= 190, appx 8 days
Total hours available for look-see 530, appx 22 days
Suggestion- Travelling at night hencesaving on accommodation cost and having more day time.

Duration planned and places of interest

1. Udaipur [3days]

- Lake Piccola, Crystal Gellery, Bagole-ki-Haveli, Fateh Sagar, shilpgram, Ahar, Sajjan garh & Sunset point

2. Mount. Abu [1 day]

Nakki lake & Wildlife sanctuary

3. Jodhpur [1 day]

Meherengah, Clock tower & market

4. Jaipur [2 days]

Old (Pink) city, Swari minar swarga, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar

5. Pushkar [1 day]

6. Jalsalmer [3 days]

Jalsalmer fort, Jain temples, Patwan-ki-Haweli, Gadi segar & maybe Camel Safari

7. Chandigarh [1 day]

8. Shimla [2 days]

The mall/Bazaar, Viceregal lodge, Botanical gerden, Christ church & St. Michael Cetheral, The Glen, Summer hill, Chadwick falls & Prospect hill

9. Manali [3 days]

10. Dharamshala/McLeod Ganj [4 days]


Monday, July 04, 2005

Amazing you

Written by Peter

Seems like yesterday we met
(I remember seeing you yesterday)
But today, a very fine day, you are saying goodbye
So now, what would happen to all the memories?
Was it nothing really happen or
Was it just my beautiful imagination?

Time definitely flies by, like a hurricane
None of us even realize it
Because, I don’t remember much things about you and me
Maybe it was just a dream, meeting you
Maybe not

Three months was like a wind blowing onto my face
On one shiny evening, leaving an unexplainable moments
And gone before even I knew it

There are so little things happen but yet it seems
So many to remember

Of your sweetest smile- that broaden the universe
Of your beautiful melancholy eyes- that seems to absorb the sadness of the world
Of your lovely jazzy voice- that when calling my name, will melt me like candle in the dark

Whatever happens to the time we smoking up together?
Whatever happens to the time of "Naughty Angels"
Whatever happens to the those silent evenings where
We will laugh, talk, share, of the problems amid us
And of you and me, whiskey and hot tea

You may not know this but sweet cherry pie,
You are one amazing person, with unique personality,
Adorable characteristic and charming attitudes,
That I haven’t met in a long time.

Three months Three months Three months
Seems like a brief encounter (with angel) of a day
That made our sweet and memorable memories,
Burned into invisible ashes
To the sea of love
Sky of dream
And the cosmic universe

Author’s note: There will be so many people you will meet in this life, so many people will come and go in your life,
But only a few you will truly remember, for they had left a very meaningful "things" in you that
No-Thing can take away from you
So you will live the "things" until your very last breath.