Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Zealand-Fin- Christ Church

Christ Church is our last stop. It marked the last stop of our Pacific Island journey where all started at Papua New Guinea, transited at Cairns and ended at Church. There were reluctance for us to end what we had started. Church was the stop that we were looking forward to actually. When we landed the weather was quite chilling and as NZ ushered in beginning of its winter season.

Photo: The lunch place in the suburb area

Photo: Holy Gail- where the fans of All Black gathered every Tuesday and Friday

Photo: Night time at the square

Photo: In the park, a little out of the square

Photo: Centre square- the people playing the giant chess

Photo: Square Night time

Photo: Which way? Screw it, time's up, don't bother, got to leave on the jetplane back to "yawn..." KL!!

My next trip, if everything goes alright will be Middle East in November- to Abu Dhabi & Dubai (U.A.E), Muscat (Oman), Alexandria, Cairo (Egypt) & Hong Kong! I will be back.

And...Laos, North Thailand and Myanmar in December.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Zealand Pt. 6- Wellington

It was a short stay in New Plymouth. From there, Stan & I resume our journey to Wellington, capital city of New Zealand. There weren't much thing to do in Wellington, as that was the plan. So Wellington serve as a pitstop for us before we made it to our last stop in Christ Church.
Photo: Harbour

Photo: Building...

Photo: Mat Skater a.k.a Sk8er Boi...

Photo: In the city...

New Zealand Pt. 5- New Plymouth

From one place to another, the end of something is the beginning of something. From the life we had in Auckland, Rotoura & Tauranga, Stan & I resume to a smaller state of NZ; New Plymouth. New Plymouth is the port and main city in the Taranaki region on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It is also known as "The Cycling City". For my Malaysian friend, I always equate Plymouth with that of Perlis the state of "Indera Kayangan"

Photo: The hotel at New Plymouth waterfront which we stayed for a night

Photo: View of the Water front, New Plymouth

Photo: The 45 metre high Wind Wand on the New Plymouth waterfront

Photo: Backpacker's Haven

Photo: Dickhead in the park

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Zealand Pt. 4- Mt. Whangarei

So we continue our journey to Mount Whangarei

Photo: New Zealand chill beer after all the free-jump and free-falling. It's a gift
and there is nothing better than just a chill beer

Photo: The New Zealanders' weekend camp-away!

Photo: At the foothill of the summit

Photo: Half way up

Photo: At the top, somewhere...

Photo: After a day-long activities- from interstate driving, near death activities, wine tasting, hot spring bathing, getting lost (and be found again), trolley racing in the cold storage, we checked at this very cool motel

Monday, September 08, 2008

New Zealand Pt. 3- Rotoura & Tauranga

And...the action begin here! After stretching the bones and tired ass, we were all geared up in this extreme park in Rotoura of N.Zealand. For me, the idea of such breathtaking excitement equivalent to the adrenaline rush of Hara-Kiri- bungy jumping never cross my mind till that moment when I seen it with my eyes. The mood was set, all that is missing were just guts, glory and a dose of devil may care attitude!!
Photo: Snap for a moment: Jen, myself & Stan

Photo: The backdrop of the Extreme park.

Photo: Look's what the sheep drag in??

Photo: No pain no gain! The cranes that took me to the top of the sky I almost touched the glorious sun!

Photo: I was up in paradise before I took the free-falling, in remembrance of Tom Petty's famous song. Mind was empty and the last thing on my mind was "Ah...what the fuck"...Arghhhhhh...with eyes wide open and the weight of me body got sucked by the pulling gravity...towards the lake.

Photo: Feel like heaven, the bliss moment where angel and devil kisses

Photo: With the Kiwi bungy guy, sharing the moment of glory.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Zealand Pt. 2- The Journey...

And so, after all the fun and night life in and around downtown Auckland; the driving around, one-tree hill, white house (hooker and pole dancer's s place), Auckland tower, Casino, bar-hopping, Wong Kok cafe, Indonesian Supermodels (this Katherine Wilson is real model) and all the fun stuff, weekend ushered in which marked our long awaiting of New Zealand's best experience; interstate travelling- from Auckland to Rotoura & Touronga.

Photo: Ahh, so enthusiastic that we kick-started our journey so in the dead of the morning, surrounded with morning breeze and coolness. The crew: Mat, Donald, Kylie, Jen, Stan, Sheena & myself.

Photo: A coffee is a must before anything else, so that our eyes is all wide open throughout the journey

Photo: Halfway...

Photo: Welcome to the dog! Somewhere along the way we passed thru' this very interesting diner.

Photo: Stop-over for a photo with the sheeps!

Photo: After 4 hours of long drive, we arrived at small state of Rotoura & Touranga. Evrybody here seems stretching their static bones. And from here, it all begin!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Zealand Pt. 1- The Best of Auckland 1 & 2

The end is the beginning...and so from Papua New Guinea, I continue to a new destination; New Zealand. Parudin had left PNG the day before. And on the same say Stan had arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, whom I will spend the rest of my unforgetful times and travel in NZ with.
The NZ trip will takes Stan & myself like a nomadians seeking for newer land; from Auckland to Rotoura & Touranga to New Plymouth to Wellington to Christ Church and back to Auckland! The photo fest that follow in this and subsequent posting will map out the journey we had gone through and the people we spent time with and the things we had done, crazy out of mind or otherwise with as little description as possible so you don't have to yawn through my blog like the old time when I did with all my Indian travelling journals.

Photo: Departing Cairns for Auckland

Photo: Driving up One-Tree-Hill, Auckland

Photo: It's the beginning of winter time and it was getting chill even in the daytime. Lunch time at Indian restaurant, somewhere along the way...

Photo: Raining on London's bar

Photo: Civic Hall

Photo: Met up with old Kiwi friend from those crazy time in India back in 2004-05.

Photo: In the elevator; getting ready for clubbing scene of Auckland

Photo: Infamous tower of Auckland at night

Photo: Auckland- Nightview

Photo: Auckland Casino with Jen & friends

Photo: Mat & Kylie @ Wong Kok cafe after "Feng-Tau" club of Margarita in downtown Auckland

Photo: Everybody Jump!!

Photo: Ah...after all the light and sound...must have slice of pork and chinese tea

Photo: China pro-olympic protest @ downtown Auckland

Photo: Yeah, we hear you loud and clear bro...and sis!

Photo: One world one dream...and stay out of Tibet please...

Photo: Ok, it's time to have a sip of American Coffee