Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Pacific Island Journal Pt. 1

Photo: Cruising down to the P.N. Guinea's infamous capital; Port Moresby

Photo: A day in the life of the local Guineans; buying and trading foods and daily needs

Photo: The Headline news that we were going to be part of it

Somewhere in 2nd week of April 2008, Parudin & I making our historic trips to the Pacific Island. We departned from Changi Airport to Papua New Guinea. Our first stop is Port Moresby, capital city of Papua New Guinea (PNG). This stop is the start of my historic and discovery of that part of the world that is beautiful and yet unknown. What follow suit is unforgetable and memorable road trip to the mountainous gold mine peak through the amazing landscape of the Pacific and unfortunate events that shed tears and emotions

Signing Off...Peter

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