Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Pacific Island Journal Pt. 4

The reason we took a long drive up this long, winding and hard core road up to Goroka-Gera is because there had been unfortunate landslide that practically disconnected Mt. Hagen (further up, closer to the gold mine) with the rest of the PNG.
Major supply including oil, gas, foods and bettle nuts are being supply from the Lae or Moresby to Mt. Hagen via Goroka-Gera highway. The landslide had cause much suffering to the local tribes due to lack of food and collapses of houses and villages. When we were there, it was almost two weeks and helps weren't anywhere near. State of emergency were almost declared! Our job is to figure out how to install a pump to channel supply of oil across the landslide area.

Photo: View at the top of Goroka-Gera

Photo: Landslide that cause the tribes to move in seeking for new shelter and food

Photo: In the village, the tribes were waiting for helps and better solution

Photo: I remember at this juncture I met Pastor John, one of the local tribe member or community head who express unhappiness through us so the world can knows what had befallen upon them and that, they were desperately needing some help

Photo: Some villagers. It's a belief by the local tribe to put the mud on their face as observation of grief over something bad...

Photo: Local kids...
Photo: The house of Lord! Their church on Sunday

Photo: Fat-Ass couldn't climb up the sticky and quicksand mud

Photo: A remembrance of sort...we finally figure out the solution to built the pump. The supply continue...and we hope and pray it did help easp up the life of the tribes...

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