Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Pacific Island Journal Pt. 2

Photo: A view from the top; we were departing Moresby and arriving Lae to meet Daryl which had been anticipating our arrival since we met back in 2007. He already prepared to charm us, promising it would be the best trip we ever had...

Photo: Still view from the top; The view was simply marvellous and awesome. I couldn't resist not to take any photo of it. For a second I want to die and surrender my soul to the beauty of God's creation...which I believe at the end of everything, they will reunite.

Photo: The mural painting of indigenous people of New Guineans at the reception wall

Photo: Hanging out with the local man at the nearby local market. No, I didn't give him the shirt. He asked me what the words mean? And I shoot out of my brain-cell who didn't have an idea about it that it meant "I am the great"...He was happy and we chilled the moment away with fresh coconut drink.

Photo: A walk in with Peter Nuan, a local man through the village of Morobe Province. Here Parudin was "getting drunk" with lot of coconut drink!

Signing Off...Peter

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